Torture of Libyans continue under Nato protection

a Libyan idiotic

09/Dec/11 – OzyismLibyaagainstsuperpowermedia

These innocent victims being brutalized in the same manner US regime brutalize its own people and others around the world. The torture continues in almost daily bases around Libya, even women and children are not immune to such tortures and execution.

The man in this video is dressed in women’s clothing and is being electrocuted and tortured, we don’t know his current condition nor his where about, the UN doesn’t give a damn, US and its client states never gave a damn because they gave arms, trained and protected these terrorists, this is their offspring. Ban Ki Moon should be prosecuted, along side the European, American and Arab butchers who not only supported these tortures but actually commit such tortures and massacres in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We are sick of countless videos of torture and execution of innocent people in the hands of US and its forces around the world, when can we say enough is enough.

The US propaganda outlets might forget about the true oppressed for profits, but we won’t. The world needs to know the truth, it is our duty as human beings to spread the truth and seek justice.

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