Demands from Zentan tribe

The Zentan brigades laid a series of demands:
(1) Full written on paper security guarantee from the green army, that includes stopping of all attacks and imprisonment.
 (2) Economic security, allow the people of Zentan unfettered access to the South and open all doors and borders to Africa without hindrance.
(3) Issue Zentan with 5 to 10% of all the medium range to high ranking posts in the 8998 global military board of the green army.
 (4) Equal access of 5 to 10% of all green capital, liquidity, including national savings, global savings, resource bank, gold bank, agriculture bank, worldwide tribal federation banks, communication systems and technical support.
(5) Security material pact (2), transfer of 5 to 10% Southern green missile and ballistic base to Zentan, including desert cruisers, jets, migs, helicopters and fighter planes, 2 million space based air, surface and ground missile units.
(6) Academic exchange for people of Zentan and Zentan children, include Zentan children access to all priveleges awarded to the children of green people, education abroad with pay, allowances, medical care, transportation and passport.
(7) Collective security for all people of Zentan, issue natives of Zentan green passports in times of war and peace.
(8) Zentan needs 20 air medical ambulance and 100 land mine heavy duty mine clearing vehicles and machines.
(9) Freedom of sky travel agreement, landing rights for Zentan airplanes and the modernization of Zentan transport planes, civilian, military and cargo.
 (10) Complete green funded hospital and new airport.
(11) Zentan be awarded the Abrahamic and Jacobean code of conduct, trust, honor and the law of humanity in applicable to all the green charter.
(12) Ceasation of hostility with Zentan, removal of all proxy green army units in Zentan territory, open the border to Tunisia and Algeria.
(13) Military and Civilian technology pacts.
(14) Tribal federation pacts.
(15) Higher stake in the energy bank, not to exceed 10% of all national income and green budget.
(16) Repair of damaged Zentan infrastructure to green levels and capacity.
(17) Treatment of Zentan as real national army, not as a proxy army.
(18) 100 billion dollars not enough compared to the worldwide secret treasure of green army and Gadhaffi clan, the whole wide world is aware of this fact, why do you think Qatar is in Libya, not Somalia, not Sudan, don’t they all need democracy?
(19) Zentan must be updated every 30 days.
 (20) Emissary from the green army.
(21) Setting of a green councilorship in Zentan based on tribal federation and green alliance federation, not treat Zentan based on NATO, American or the European code of conduct.
(22) Truth and Reconcilliation committee with competent national dialogue.
(23) Every day supply of 250 000 gallons of gas and jet fuel.
(24) Authorize every green support base to see Zentan as friends, not enermy.
(25) Allow Zentan the honor to see Moammar Gadhaffi, he is some-where in Algeria, we know this business of military tricks, every war is based on giving the enermy wrong information, the green army has national duty to meet it’s obligations to national unity in order to regain Zentan trust.[?]
(26) Truth must be told, replace all proxy green army with Zentan militia.

(27) Stop all executions by the red army and red brigades, till a competent authority in place. These requisitions and demands from Zentan will be studied, and they made it clear that, more will be on the way in case they had missed something. It has to be fully studied, we are not sure if the Zentan are being logical about all these!!!

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