URGENT – 11/11/2011 : The Great Green Libya Revolution

URGENT / November 11, 2011 : The Great Green Libya Real Revolution
AlgeriaIsp – Do not forget this tragic moment, the day of the capture of the Libyan leader. On the day of humiliation of the Arabs, North Africans and Muslims by the West through their executors without brain, Misrata and Benghazi rebels.
The death sentence of the Guide Maoummar Gaddafi was required and notified by one or more presidents of foreign countries (Western and / or Arabic): is that the former number 2 of the CNT, Mahmoud Jibril, said in an interview.

These killers have not left a moment of respite for the Libyan leader. At the hospital, when his soul was leaving the body, barbarians and murderers of the CNT, exposed, pulled her hair, filmed his body as a war trophy. He died. He left the barbarians.
Finally, the so-called journalists, that on television do not comment on the behavior of the rebels,  insult the memory of the Libyan leader.
Rabi yarhme the guide Kadhafi. Ina Lilahi wa ina Ilayhi Rajioune
Tomorrow, November 11, 2011, is the day of the great Libyan revolution, the message was sent free to any Libyan who wants to expel the barbarians, the rebels, these traitors, the Qataris, NATO, out of Libya. The fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya are preparing for tomorrow, November 11, a day of tribute to the Libyan leader. Inchaelah God will help us to set up again the green Libya for the real Libyans.
The CNT is already now preparing the interruption of the Internet, to break the movement and avoid the great revolution. It strengthened the supervision over the capital Tripoli.
God will save and help green Libya and Seif El Islam, to hunt and kick off CNT/NATO out from Libya. Long live the Green Libya.


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