Libyan Resistance News – November 10, 2011 – 5 VIDEOs (Eng-Ita)

The CNT has hired Egyptians mercenaries  in LibyaAlgeriaIsp – Guide Maoummar Gaddafi in Libya helped the Egyptians by offering them work, a house and everything they need to live in dignity. And now, in return, they took weapons and they fought against the Libyan army, they were involved in the destruction of Libya and the killing of Libyans civilians.
The Egyptians are returned home while the Libyans have no longer home.
Congratulations pharaohs, ..!!??

A French secret agent worked with Al Qaeda to share ransomsEnnahar/online – According to a Tuareg envoy during negotiations for the release of French hostages of the company Areva, abducted by the Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) in northern Mali, an officer of the French intelligence service, known as “the engineer”, who owns a security company in Mali, would have proposed to the terrorist leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar to work with him as an intermediary in the negotiations for the release of foreign hostages

In its latest edition, Paris-Match reported that an emissary of the Touareg to Paris, who held a high position in the company Areva in Nigeria has been sent on July 29 by the Nigerian authorities to lead negotiations with the terrorist groups in the Grand Sahara.

After visiting three times the Adrar Iforas region, the hideout of the group of Abu Zeid in Mali, where he holds the French hostages, the Tuareg envoy had travelled to Touboukou, 70 km away to meet Mokhtar Balawar.

According to the envoy, Belmokhtar would have spoken of negotiations taking place in order to free the French hostages, carried out, according to him by a French dubbed “the engineer”, an intelligence officer, sent to Mali to free the hostages abducted by Belmokhtar before deciding to create a security company in the country.

According to the emir of the terrorist organization in the Sahara, the engineer had contacted Al Qaeda to make the offer to work as part of negotiations with the countries of origin of the kidnapped foreigners, and in exchange gets a share of the ransoms they receive.

Even the Malian President Toumani Toure Mamadou, quoted by Paris-Match, acknowledged that the engineer was an agent of the French intelligence services.

The person in charge for the CNT business in Morocco (Lamouchi Ali) was expelled from the military hospital in RabatLibya EL Ahrar (pro-rats source) – The person in charge for the CNT business (Lamouchi Ali) was expelled from the military hospital in Rabat yesterday morning, by the wounded rebels. He was suspected has been remained loyal to Muammar Kadhafi.
In the same context, the battalion commander of the “Gado” rebels,  expelled a member of the CNT, sent to visit the wounded on the day of Eid El Adha. The rebels protesting against the neglect of the CNT.

The perpetrator of Libyan leader has been identifiedZengtena – According to the rebels who attacked the Libyan leader with a knife or a piece of iron from behind injuring the Libyan leader, in an act immoral, has been identified: he is “Jibril Osman” , from the battalion of “051 Misrata” and the Resistance know he lives in MISAT. He is wanted by the fighters of the Libyan Liberation Army.

Corruption in the Libyan Ministry of Education with an initial contract of 34 million Libyan dinars – Elawatan Libya (pro-rats source) – The first contract entered into by the Ministry of Education was signed without following the tender’s rule while the Minister of CNT, Slimane Sahili: the man claimed in the media he works in an atmosphere of full transparency . The latter gave the Executive Office of
Ministry of Education to contract directly with the nine companies for the supply of textbooks in preparation for the school year (2011 -2012) whose total amount is 34.311.385.311dinars Libyan!!! The question is on what criteria these nine companies were selected? An what in those books has been written?
In any case, proponents of the CNT have not seen anything yet, all contracts will be awarded to foreign companies and paid for it 100 times more expensive.



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