Dr. Yusuf Shakir is back on another channel: EL Dounia TV

Zengtena – November 3, 2011 –  The Libyan resistance organized and fighting in Libya or abroad.

Dr. Yusuf Shakir never give up despite his illness and stopping without notice and without any coherent explanation of issue Achmea El Watan El Rai on TV. He did not give up.

After some past emissions of El Rai television and suspended for unknown reasons and after a few indiscretions is following the displacement of a member of the Arab League in Syria, putting pressure on the Syrian government and automatically on the direction of El Rai television.
According ILIBIYA TV, Dr. Yusuf Shakir will, Inchaelah, Syrian television Dounia EL to host his show. His voice is expected by all free men and women in Libya and in the world. His voice will trigger and support of Libyan resistance to drive out the traitors, NATO and Qatar in Libya.

Dr. Shakir will Youcef El Dounia tonight on TV.

You can see the Syrian Television El Dounia on the following satellites:
Arabsat:  12054 V
Nilesat:  11900 V

Or online at:

God Save The Green Libya and resistance fighters.


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