Libyan War News: October 29, 2011

Three explosions in the region El Hani in Tripoli – Three explosions rocked the area Hani El this morning, targeting the rebels, which allows the destruction of several pickups of rebels and wounding and killing several rebels who are transferred to the hospital in Tripoli. (française)

News from Sorman  – / Patriots of the Libyan resistance conducted an operation against the rebels. They were shooting with small arms on the rebels who controlled the checkpoint in the region El Sahili. Two rebels lost their life. (française)

Libya formally occupies France – The Arabic BBC Television, said about secret talks between France and the CNT on two important points:
* To keep French troops on the ground in Libya for security cooperation.
* Manage the Libyan economy through the mediation of France! (française)

Trans. LibyanFreePress – Font: ALGERIA ISP 


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