“Without NATO there is No Victory” -(Video)- Qatar will replace NATO

ENGLISHWithout NATO there is No Victory = That is: we can not win without NATO even a clogged toilet, because the people is not with the NCT and we are parasitic ticks

ITALIANO“Senza la Nato Non c’è Vittoria = Ovvero: senza la Nato non potremmo conquistare neppure una latrina intasata, perchè il popolo non è con il NCT e noi siamo delle zecche parassite.

  (Qatar Army)

NATO Libya mission will end on Oct. 31

NATO voted today to end its Libya mission on Oct. 31, although some members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization may opt to continue providing assistance on an individual basis. But NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he didn’t expect the military alliance itself to play a large role in post-war Libya, aside from potentially assisting with reform of its security sector, according to Reuters. The vote comes a day after the United Nations voted to end its authorization for the NATO mission. Libya’s National Transitional Council had requested that NATO stay through the year and delay making its decision to leave until the NTC had assessed whether it would need NATO’s help securing its borders, but the alliance went ahead with today’s vote nevertheless.…….(CSmonitor)…

  (the gang)

Qatar will replace NATO in Libya

The Armed Forces of Qatar have already made with actual ground war in the Libyan side of the forces of the CNT, however, this participation has never been recognized by the government of Qatar, which has always denied in official use of its soldiers directly on the battlefield. The CNT needed to support ground forces directly on the ground to complete the work of the Air Force………(Monitoreinternazionale)…

Qatari PM: Country will stay involved in Libya “as long as necessary”.

In a frank interview with Christiane Amanpour on ABC News this week, Qatari Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim al Thani has said his country is determined to stay involved in Libya until embattled leader Muammar al-Qaddafi exits.

When pressed as to how far Qatar was willing to go to make that happen, Al Thani, (inaccurately referred to in the ABC News article as Al-Thanisim), said that helping to arm and train Libyan rebels is a “possibility.” (DohaNews)


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