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Open Letter to the NTC in Libya

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“NTC,  – I cannot address you as “dear” because my human dignity refuses to allow me to address you with a term of endearment, given the inhumane, monstrous, demonic and despicable behaviour of your hordes over the last few months since February.

This letter does not mean that the struggle between good and evil in Libya is over, for evil is always evil and good always wins. The coming months and years will show very clearly what happens when foreign powers try to install bands of terrorists, rapists, racists, murderers, looters, arsonists, torturers and vandals by force.

To begin with, declaring a state of peace just because you have announced that Muammar Abu Minyar al-Qathafi was caught and killed is meaningless, for the people of Libya did not elect you, neither has there been any electoral process, nor by your behaviour have you deserved anything but deep and utter contempt by all decent human beings.

You see, to cohabit with and be considered as human beings, and not terrorist filth, you have to act like human beings and what we have seen from your gangs of rapists, torturers, murderers, arsonists, thieves, looters, racists and terrorists since February are nothing other than the most despicable outrages against the human condition and human dignity”.(, 24/10/2011)

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