Appeal for those of us in Europe

From Commander Liam, to LibyanFreePress by Arabic/LibyanPatriot/Zangetna

For those of us in Europe, unaligned with either Left or Right, who have supported the Libyan system of self-government for decades, the collapse of the legitimate Libyan State under the demonic violence of the Zion-inspired NATO hordes has been nothing short of a tragedy. It is a fact, however, that we must accept. It is a reality that cannot be wished away. It is the accepting of the unacceptable, the unpalatable, that is now the first necessity, and which represents the first step in reversing recent events.

As Dennis South has pointed out in a piece at Mathaba, we need to move away from discussing whether or not the Colonel or Moatassim are alive or dead.

It serves no fundamental purpose to debate this back and forth, above all when the “information” being used is little more than hearsay on blogs, social network sites, or coming from TV sources, Telesur, RT and Al Rai above all, which might be genuine, or compromised, or simply incredulous. The enemy knows that those supporting the Green Resistance want to know the truth of what has happened.

It is natural, but the reality is that curiosity killed the cat. Curiosity is not Resistance, it is a pleasant, comforting distraction from undertaking the hard thinking and hard decisions that are vital in order to get the Resistance mobilized, both politically and militarily. For this reason, I second Dennis South’s  request to the Green Blogsphere to stop indulging in pointless speculation, and I would go further by saying that in my opinion those who continue to spread unsubstantiated, unreferenced “news” should have a question mark placed above their integrity. We have been hearing about what Saif said, but which did not appear in the short broadcast; we have been hearing about tribal leaders saying this or doing that, but we have no names and no substantiation of it; we have been hearing about Special Forces from South Africa and so on. How long before we hear that the Colonel and the rest of the family were abducted by aliens under the direction of the CIA!

The fact to be borne in mind is simple. We do not know if the Colonel is alive or dead. We know that Saif is, and that he is heading the Resistance. Beyond that we know nothing. Moreover, we need to understand that the silence of Saif on his father and his brothers implies nothing, either good or bad. Given the situation on the ground in Libya, it makes perfect sense that the leadership of Resistance remains in a blackout stage for some time – possibly weeks – until news can be more safely disseminated. What we need, however, is not radio broadcasts.

We need moving images, unspliced, dated and containing material that only the leadership could possibly know. It will almost certainly have to be a film that is uploaded to Youtube, and from a point far from where the leadership will be.

When we see the living faces, the materials that mark it clearly as post-Sirte, and we hear the authentic voices, THEN AND ONLY THEN will we know the realities.

For the record, I believe that the Colonel is alive. I find the news narratives, the photographic stills, and the wobbly camera films less than convincing. In my mind the belief that the Colonel lives is around 80%. However, what interests me now is how we will aid the Resistance in making known what they are doing on the ground. They are almost certainly re-organizing, creating new lines of communication, rebuilding logistics, identifying friends and foes, planning for tactical and strategic strikes.

Our job, then, is to AWAIT THEIR CONTACT, WHICH WILL COME WHEN THEY WANT AND WHERE THEY WANT. Patience is the order of the day, combined with the need to communicate to as many people as possible, wherever they are in the world, the horror that the whores of the New World Order have created in Libya. Patience, communication, then patience and communication again.  PLEASE STOP THE FUTILE SPECULATION AND  ADDRESS THE TRUE NEEDS OF THE HOUR!

From Commander Liam, to LibyanFreePress by Arabic/LibyanPatriot/Zangetna

Translation by Libyanfreepress


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