NATO has surrendered

On October 20, the mainstream media were reporting that NATO on October 21 will meet and announce that, now that Gaddafi has been “killed” (or so they claim), NATO will leave Libya within “a couple of days”. You can easily find articles by Googling, “NATO to end war on Friday, October 21.”

Now, keep in mind that NATO lies “through its teeth,” and we can’t necessarily believe this report. But I present here what I believe is happening, some by way of review:

1. NATO predicted a battle that would “only take weeks.” It got bogged down for eight (8) months.

2. NATO remained furious with the incompetence of the rats (rebels), and expressed their frustration openly, many times.

3. NATO announced that its pilots were suffering from fatigue.

4. NATO commanders began to express fears of being brought before a Nuremburg-style court, on charges of war crimes, and began telling some of their pilots to stop bombing, even though they were flying over Libya.

5. At a meeting in the third week of September, which I reported here at Mathaba, and which was recorded in a DEBKAfile report, NATO met with U.S. intelligence agents, at CIA headquarters, for an assessment of progress over the last eight months. And their own conclusion was the following: NATO’s 8-month operation has been “ineffectual” and, at times, “pathetic.” For new readers, DEBKAfile is an Internet news organ specializes in military and intelligence and security issues, and is considered a top-rated organ. Its analyses are often correct.

6. If reports that us “information warriors” have been receiving, via blogs and other sources, have been correct, the Green Resistance has been making remarkable progress, gobbling up city after city after city, including most of Tripoli.

7. The TNC has never been able to create a stable cabinet to run the affairs of their imaginary new Libya. No more than two weeks ago, 90% of its members resigned.

8. Intense in-fighting, including actual military battles between “rebel” brigades, have been ongoing since the very beginning of this war. This fighting, recently, has mostly taken place in Misrata, although we’ve received reports that heavy fighting has taken place in Tripoli between rival Al-Qaeda gangs, as well as between rival rat gangs.

9. The Tuaregs entered the war [Have you noticed how fast things have moved since The Tuareg tribe entered this war? Their fighting, at several places, has helped move The Resistance forward].

10. reports: “In Tripoli, Libya’s Interim Leader [Jibril] says He Is Quitting – His warning underscores just how much Libya is now in limbo — and just how dangerous that might be. The exhilarating sense of victory, which gripped the world’s attention when rebel columns rolled into Tripoli on Aug. 20, has largely dissipated, Jibril said, looking glum, rather than a man rejoicing liberation.”

Why would Jibril quit at this time of “glory,” when Muammar Gaddafi is supposedly dead?  Why? Why would he be “looking glum” at this time.

Here is what I believe has happened. The political leaders, who do control NATO totally, have had it. They instructed NATO to do something–anything that could give them a “good” excuse to end this war, save their money, and so-call proclaim a victory.

Here comes Hillary Clinton, the racist, psychopathic, war-mongering witch, just yesterday, calling for the death of Muammar Gaddafi. And suddenly, one day later the deed is supposedly done. Is this to be believed? Perhaps.

It appears to me–although I cannot prove this in absolute terms–that NATO has surrendered, due to pressure from the political forces that control it, as well as due to it’s own assessment of its performance as being “ineffectual” and “pathetic.” In short, NATO might soon be leaving the rats out to dry–something that Brother Leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi had predicted, and warned the rats about.

The northern countries lie, yes.  But this time they might be telling the truth and this report was not mean to leak out. I find it very odd that they suddenly decide that one day after the alleged death of Gaddafi, they are going to declare the war over with, even though fighting continues at this moment.

Mathaba has informed us that the Green Committees have stated that Muammar Gaddafi is alive in well. That report might change, as time goes on. The mainstream media say the opposite. An initial report from AlgeriaISP, which stated that Dr. Moussa Ibrahim had announced that Muammar Gaddafi was actually killed, is now said to be a complete hoax (See Libya S.O.S.) .

As time passes, more and more of the pro-Gaddafi blogs are reporting (on what basis, I do not know) that Muammar is alive and well.  T-West, of AfriSynergy, submitted a video report that states that Muammar Gaddafi is not dead. Morris Herman doubts the media reports. Stephen Lendman believes NATO and the rats are lying. The Russian supporters at are adamant that the mainstream media reports of the death of Gaddafi are false.

In truth, it doesn’t matter. This war was never about Muammar Gaddafi. This war is about justice vs. injustice. It is about freedom vs. slavery. It is about psychopathic racist domination vs. sane, human cooperation and love.

The fight has to continue, whether Muammar is dead or alive; whether he is out of communication due to strategic reasons, or whether he’s out in the open speaking freely.  The fight is a global fight for the emancipation of the human soul.

People, I ask you to continue your humble and heartfelt prayers that Almighty God allow justice to finally prevail; that He give us the understanding of why this crime was allowed to take place; that He make us worthy of the task of holding up the Green Flag of universal truth; that he forgive us our weaknesses, and that He help us to attain the Final Victory of Peace.  Ameen (Amen).

Original From: Dennis South


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