Gaddafi is not dead! – (Eng-Ita-Fra) Text+Video

Algeri-ISP (attualmente inaccessibile) insiste: Muammar Gheddafi non è morto

According to our secure sources,

Gaddafi is alive and his last word is not said yet!

Gaddafi is not dead!

His son is not dead!

Sirte is stll under control of Green resistance!

Saif Al-Islam is not being captured, and still allive!

According to Sky Latest TV… “There are still ONGOING clashes in SIRTE!” (18.48 UK-Time!!!)

Gaddafi is not dead – Gaddafi has not yet said its last word!

Today it was reported that troops of the transition of the National Council of Libya captured the city of Sirte, and Muammar Gaddafi, was injured and was taken prisoner, but died…

Knowing the fate of Saddam Hussein and other Arab leaders, it is unlikely that Gaddafi got captured, injured or killed. Surely he has long found a safe place. Africa – a vast continent, it has good relations with many Arab and also African leaders.

And he could not make such a rash mistake to become a victim of persecution, trapping and killing.

A more beautiful life than with Gadhafi, Libya could not have had and never will have. It’s not just about cheap gasoline. It’s free and electricity in homes, apartments, and free for all the population, huge subsidies to pay for them, it’s free education, the possibility of using the most modern means of information, a huge amount of office equipment, the right to travel around the world. This is the highest standard of living not only in Africa but also in comparison with many countries in Europe. Finally, a huge theoretical heritage in the form of a Green Paper, left for the inhabitants of the planet Earth, especially for those countries that consider themselves to be the “third world”.

Even if we assume that Qaddafi suddenly dies, millions of Libyans will always remember with gratitude the years of his reign. Ahead of Libya’s darkest times. Civil war, civil strife. And the one who longed for removing Gadhafi, the more his death, will still be crying, regretting his departure from Libya’s political life.

Gaddafi has left a legacy to all mankind is not socialism or capitalism, Stalinist or Western European “democracy. He proposed a third way. Its Green Paper, the green revolution – this is exactly the model that can be taken as an example.

All TV pictures shown are UN-CLEAR! Pictures from “celebrations” in Libya show ONLY Bengazhi!

According to latest news (SKY-UK), there are still ongoing fighting in Sirte, even that RAT-NTC/RATO and other LIER claimed a fall of Sirte, early this morning!

According to our secure sources, Gaddafi is alive and his last word is not said yet!

We keep you updated!



Quotidiano algerino: “Gheddafi è ben protetto”

Il giornale Algeri-ISP dice  Muammar Gheddafi non è morto, ed è invece “ben protetto dai traditori.” Nel frattempo, i media occidentali danno per certa infatti la versione del CNT libica, che presenta parecchie contraddizioni.“Secondo Al Jazeera e i corrispondenti di  Arabiya a Sirte, il leader libico è morto per le ferite da arma da fuoco in entrambe le gambe e il suo corpo è stato portato a Misurata” inizia una storia da copertina nell’edizione online di Algeri-ISP, ma azzera presto questi mezzi di comunicazione “, che hanno vomitato tre bugie in un giorno.”

Al Jazeera e Al Arabiya assicurano che nella stessa azione in cui Gheddafi sarebbe morto anche suo figlio Mutassim sarebbe caduto e anche il ministro della Difesa Abu Bakr Yunis.

Il leader libico e suo figlio sono ben protetti contro i traditori e i mercenari occidentali“, dice Algeri-ISP e raccomanda “di aggiornare la versione di Photoshop”, programma che, assicurano, è stato utilizzato per costruire l’immagine di Gheddafi catturato.

Il sito è al momento non raggiungible sottoposto all’offensiva elettronica della NATO


Libye – Notre site ALGERIA ISP a été victime d’attaques

Publié le 20/10/2011  à  18:05

ALGERIA ISP / Depuis l’annonce du mensonge de la mort du guide Kadhafi par les médias mensonges, notre site a été victime d’attaques sans précédent ce qui a bloqué le site plusieurs fois pendant quelques minutes.

Ces agresseurs veulent cacher la vérité aux lecteurs mais nous sommes toujours là, nous résistons comme tous les libyens dans leurs villes assiégées. Nous ferons comme nos frères et soeurs à Syrte et Bani walid.

Ces agresseurs veulent peut être qu’on diffuse l’information relatée par tous les média mensonges. Eh bien, NON.
A ce moment là, d’après différentes sources libyennes, le guide Kadhafi est toujours vivant inchaelah.

Dieu protège le guide Kadhafi et son peuple Green Libya

Fonte: Algeria-isp

Tratto da: Algeri-ISP insiste Muammar Gheddafi non è morto | Informare per Resistere


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