Al Jazeera’s victory claim on Bani Walid is a complete fake

Al Jazeera’s victory claim on Bani Walid is a complete fake

17 Oktober 2011

Al Jazeera’s liar in chief Tony Birtley just appeared in front of a screne set of about 20 NTC actors and claimed that he is in the middle of Bani Walid.

However, Tony Birtley offered absolutely no proof for his claim that he is in Bani Walid. The camera was deliberately placed below his head, so nothing of what could be a town came into the picture and the crowd of about 20 NTC actors were placed in a way, that there was absoutely nothing else to see on the picture.

To back up it’s claim, that NTC had conqured Bani Walid from the south, Al Jazeera cut in some pictures of street settings with some tanks with NTC flags painted on it, claiming it was „latest pictures.“ But those pictures show no traces of fighting, no bullets on the street and houses without shooting marks, and that despite NATO and NTC were bombing Bani Walid for a couple of months and NTC commanders reported „heavy resistance“ from Bani Walid. So, whereever and whenever these pictures were taken or doctored, they are surely not from Bani Walid yesterday or today.

What Al Jazeera presents today on TV as news from Bani Walid is a complete lie and a deliberate fake.

Diana phoned to Bani Walid today and tweeted that there is no NATO/NTC in Bani Walid, these terrorists just shell the city ith log range weapons from outside. And Anadolu reported yesterday, „Suleiman Kureyri, member of an NTC military council in Sabratha, told the Anadolu Agency correspondent“that„ NATO-led warplanes hit on Sunday a convoy of trucks carrying weapons and munitions to forces loyal to the ousted Libyan leader in Bani Walid.“

So, the official NATO/NTC story on Bani Walid is that NTC has so few control on the road from Bani Walid to the south, that NATO does airstrikes there against ammunition resupplies for the green forces in Bani Walid, but has so much controll over the street to Bani Walid from the south, that they can launch a successul attack on Bani Walid from there. This makes only one thing clear: they lie and fabricate news.

And Tony Birtley made in very clear in his fake Al Jazeera report, what his fake news is indended for. It should be a message to the heroic green resistance in Sirte, that they should surrender, because NATO and NTC are desperate for not being abe to conquer Bani Walid though masscring people there for months and weeks.

Please spread the message quickly, so that everyone in Sirte understands this Al Khanzeera lie, what psyop it is intended for and how desperate NATO, NTC and Al Jazeera are, that they spread such an easy to debunk lie.


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