Libyan War News-October 15, 2011 + African Uprising (VIDEO)

Bring back the king of the kings:

Mega-Africa-Support for Gaddafi


The Bani Walid mighty civilians stood in the face of the NATO rats and killed 135 of them. 70 corps were sent to a hospital to Tripoli and 85 were left lying in the streets for the dogs to eat.

– The Bani Walid mighty civilians also captured 50 NATO rebel rats alive and will be executing them in the coming hours.

Doctor Saif Al-Islam Al-Gaddafi assured that he and the leader are preparing huge surprises for the imperialist countries who are backing the rats; and Khamis Al-Gaddafi is still alive and guiding the army.

– Several NATO rebel commanders were killed in the front at Gharghoun.

– In contrary to recent reports in the misguided media, Commander Khamis Al-Gaddafi is still alive and is fighting alongside his army on the front.

Source: a friend who is fighting with him. Additionally, doctor Saif Al-Islam Al-Gaddafi also denied his death. (Note that this is the 8th time the media says he was killed).

– More than 20 cars carrying NATO rats are heading towards Sibrata, the city that rose the green flag over it yesterday after it was liberated from the rats.

– Street-fights ongoing in Janzour al-Sha’biya, Al-Siraj and Ghot Al-Sha’al Street Nine.

– All the NATO rats in Al-Ojailat have been executed and/or deported.



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