Libyan War News: October 15, 2011 (2 Video + Text)

– The Green flag is now rising again over the city of Sibrata.

– Some reports are saying that the American ambassador in Libya is now missing.

– Street-fights ongoing in Tarhouna.

– The might Libyan army have seized several weaponry warehouses that belonged to the NATO-mercenaries near Tripoli.

Al-Jamil City: The office of the NTC there have been burned.

– More than 1500 wounded Nato-mercenaries arrived to France, England, Turkey, Qatar and Jordan.

– The civilians that were held in the prison of Jadim due to their loyalty towards the Leader Muammar Al-Gaddafi were freed by the tribe of Wershfana.
Dr. Mousa Ibrahim told the Libyan civilians in a message: “The brave eagles who are now present next to the American, French and Italian embassies have to capture the ambassadors and take them to Bani Walid”.

The Libyan fighters are still fighting in Tripoli and are close to taking over Rexos Hotel and Military Camp 77 from the NATO rats-mercenaries.

– The town of Gharian is now totally free form the NATO rebels and the Green Flag is rising high.

– The NATO rebels used heavy weaponry and tanks against the peaceful protesters in Bou Salim, which resulted in pro-Gaddafi loyalists to go to the streets and start street-fights against the rats.

– Reports are claiming that the US sent 3,000 trained killers to Libya from a base in Spain in an attempt to help the NATO-mercenaries prevent the Libyan people from revolting against them and continue their support to their mighty leader Muammar Al-Gaddafi.

The Green Square in Tripoli is now witnessing tough street-fights and its full with dead bodies.



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