Libyan War News: October 13, 2011 (Text + Pictures + 3 Videos)

Sirte is controlling Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds with Libyan volunteers.
In the war there is a logic and it is dictated by real conditions on a place, considering the general background, i.e. position at the front still.
Here yesterday, after impressive defeat in Sirte, Nato-mercenaries should come to the senses, lick wounds and so forth It logically? Yes.
But happens improbable, suddenly in Sirt the most important arrives “revolutionary ” — Mustafa Dzhalil, the television and
circus under the name “storm of Sirta” begins a new, without having allowed even time to bury itself the companions of victims at night.
It is possible to bury with sunrise. If certainly it is Moslems. Homebrew mass-media and “experts” with the conclusion
that Sirte nevertheless — the end there and then have following got out today!
Though, a pier “Kaddafi” and so forth at them such “visions”, a version of idiocy. is a pity.

But give one after another.
The first. Mustafa Dzhalil wasn’t in Sirte. When during the same time have transferred live Dzhalilja walking about on Bengasi
then the television ARRAI-TV – attacked the NATO, through powerful “electronic jamming” by means of aircraft and till now TV can’t go on the air.
The second. Why nevertheless Nato-mercenaries poke their noses into a city in which them so have destroyed the day before?
In all Mutassim “is guilty”. It appears, on the party of Nato-mercenaries “deserter” who has in strict confidence told to Nato-mercenaries
has run away that in a city there were 700 persons of youth – self-defenses, and all the others are removed from defense and quickly “somewhere” are sent that a terrible secret.
Here Nato-mercenaries also have got to settle accounts with a defenseless city. Also what? And they have allowed to all to enter into a city from 3 parties and when have entered “gate” have slammed!
Last information was that there is a mass destruction of rabbits of Nato-mercenaries and their rests in a ring on east site of a city and to set free or to take prisoner gathers nobody.
But from 19 o’clock and communication has interrupted …
It is known that “3 ordering insurgents”, probably Mutassim are taken prisoner, after conversation with Englishmen “to smoke a hookah” with them now.

On other fronts:
Sebha: the Libyan army “escaping has thrown” rocket Skad on suburb Sabha. When “winners” have decided to examine a trophy, it …it has blown up, having broken off in shreds of 15 Nato-mercenaries and still there are invalids, i.e. wounded. Probably “the Tula master” appeared!
Battles of Bani-Walid: Nato-mercenaries have been attacked far in the country and 60 persons but that is important lost their life, is killed also the field commander from Egypt, with bodyguards accompanying it. The last have covered with “dot” blow from the rocket.
Misurata: there are difficult fights already for city clearing that is declared.
Bengazi: violent fighting in city boundaries between Green Libyan army and Nato-mercenaries.
From political news. In Mali congress of students and youth of tribes Tuaregov which have unanimously decided to enter under command of the Libyan front has come to the end. Well type, leaders have solved for us, but also we a pier of the same opinion.
Speaking about Tuaregh there has passed the information that they want to declare Muammara Kaddafi the Sultan!

Now it is necessary to M.Kaddafi “… to have three wives”!

Discrimination by Nato-mercenaries, even for the dead

Nato-mercenaries bodies, “Requiescat in Pace”

Libyan loyalists bodies, left near the trash bins

Nato Nato-mercenaries are looting every house and after burned it in the outskirts of Sirte

ALL the western part of Sirte are totally under Loyalist control and now the tried to clean the rebels who entered in the East front

More than 30 rebels lost their life in the South front of Sirte

228 rebels rebels have been captured at the local radio of Sirte

Some residentials area are occupied by the Nato-mercenaries in the East front of Sirte but the loyalist make them retreat form these areas

Situation in Sirte last night :…..

27 rebels lost their life in an ambush this night in Tripoli

USA is giving his last breath and try to attack all the country in the world which detained natural ressources

All the people fleeing Sirte must give their money and all things that have a value to have the right to flee the front

AL QEADA prison have 1000 prisoners , perhaps they will behade all of them.

For every rebels killed on the front , the rebel killed a prisoner
A lot of armoured cars are preparing for another attack
In Bani Walid , the Libyan army have 40 thousands thermal rocket and 20 have been launched and made a lot of causalties for the Nato-mercenaries.

Sirte is totally under control of people of Sirte.

The rebels don’t now anything about this plan

For the 14 october : an uprising is prepared in Tripoli and rebels are very afraid of that , thats why they do this media war against Libya

Jalil never enter Sirte and the city is still controlled by the Loyalists: this is a media war against the rebellion of people.

They are waiting night to clean the town of Sirte from the rebels where they enter.

3 Nato-mercenaries commanders have been arrested in Sirte

Libyan army abandon one scud missile with TNT on it in the outskirts of Sabha and exploded on a rebel brigade which killed 15 and wounded many.

Yesterday night , NATO landed troops by sea

He added then when our forces entered Sirte , we see no resistance and then suddently we were under fire from all direction. A rebel commander tell to reporter that : The control of Sirte will be very costly in lives

A depot of weapon and ammunition of the rebels has been near the airport

This morning some Nato-mercenaries infiltrate sirte by sea

Font: LibyaTV

NATO Crimes In Libya: Sirte receiving ‘heavy shelling’