Hezbollah, Iran & Israel on the same side (1 Video)

Disastrous as this is for Libya – One may also ask where it will lead to? All these massacres seem to be happening with a lot of associated religion….
(by YT 108Morris108)

…It is from a long time we are observing this strange joint between islam & yankees and realy it is very difficult to understand what is the program behind these geopolitical maneuvering. It seems there is a terrible illusion by Islamist. When the imperial troops of the enemy take possession of the whole area, everything is devastated, physically and in the minds. To be so blind and cynical in this game for theological leadership is seriously ill. It’s a shame that they will pay, Hezbollah, Iranian clergy and Press TV, because to spraid false news and false flags is not a God job.
The problem is that there is no evidence he was murdered, but has disappeared, and there is no evidence that Gaddafi had been guilty.
Why Gaddafi would have to kill that Shiite Muslims cleric in Libya, in his Gaddafi home?
It is more likely that it was an internal blood feud, and that the authors of his death, or disappearance, are to be found among the same Shiite family members.
It would have been much more comfortable for them to implement the plan to assassinate the cleric away from home and blame others.
Not everything is always as it seems…
For the rest we estimate PressTV, because has done a great job and still is doing a great news services for Syria and Palestine, as well as many other services.

But about Libya they are wrong, terrible wrong, and they are on the same side of Nato.
(by LibyanFreePress)


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