Libyan War News: update-October 12, 2011 (Video + Text)

Libyan War News: update-October 12, 2011

12/oct.11 NATO Mercenaries flee from Sirte
Published by CounterPsyops
Originally written by Dr. Christof Lehmann

A massive storm on Sirte resulted in the brief occupation of a University Campus and Hospital in the South Eastern Suburbs. After the battle raged back and forth all day, a massive counter attack that left 200 TNC-fighters dead and countless wounded was enough for Mahmud Jibril, who is pulling “the fighters with allegiance to him” out of the battle, calling “the death of over 200 fighters for a one minute Al Jazeera Victory senseless”. Jibril´s decision is one more example that the NATO Narrative is discredited and of the inherent instability and infighting of the NATO proxy regime. The Libyan war is grinding into a stall, while the humanitarian crisis continues.

In war nothing can be taken for granted, and even small changes can lead to catastrophic results, stall mates or victories. Considering the fact that the home town of Muammar Ghadafi has been resisting the onslaught of NATO´s colonial aggression for months brings the classic cartoon “Asterix de le Gaulois” to mind, where a defiant Gall village resisted the onslaught of the Roman Empire.

12/oct/11 Tuareg fighters in Mali preparing to join Libyan resistance
The spokes person for the Tuareg rebel group Alliance (ADC) Hama Ag Sid’Ahmed has called reporters to notify that Tuaregs are readying up politically and militarily to join the resistance in Libya. Already Tuareg fighters are pouring in to Libya to fight NATO occupation and help with the liberation process.

This comes as fighting continues in Sirte, the Libyan Defense Forces have managed to defend the town and cause heavy casualties to the Mercenaries of NATO.

10/oct/11 NATO Mercenaries flee Sirte University after receiving heavy casualties
According to Libyan Liberal Youth, Libyan Defense Forces trapped NATO Mercenaries in and around Sirte University after pretending to pull back. NATO Mercenaries were in the campus from 8am to 1pm when the resistance implemented a sneak attack causing heavy casualties and forcing the remaining Mercenaries to flee.

10/oct/11 NATO Mercenary commander in Tripoli lays down arms and goes home
A top NATO Mercenary commander Mahdi al-Harati has laid down arms and has gone home to Ireland. Analysts believes this is due to inner fighting in Tripoli. Al-Harati was the deputy head of Tripoli Military Council which was formed by NATO, this is just the beginning of the end for Mercenaries, many fighters have laid down arms and refuse to fight anymore, but the die hard NATO loyalists are fighting amongst each other in Tripoli.

09/oct/11 NATO’s genocide in Sirte with world’s deafening silence
According to new reports everything is being bombed by NATO and its Mercenaries in the town of Sirte. TIMES reports that civilian houses are bombed continuously and civilians who try to flee are killed.

This comes after NATO Mercenaries claimed that there is only 300 civilians in Sirte, that means NATO is planning to kill everyone in the town of 100,000 population, and evidence proves that they are trying to kill everyone in the town.

This will be recorded in history as one of NATO’s most heinous crimes against defenseless people, an attempt to exterminate a whole Tribe. Will NATO get away with these crimes? We still have not heard anything from cowardice HRW groups which claim to care for civilians and human rights as much as NATO.


U.S. Congressman Wants Libya Rebels Investigated on “Crimes Against Humanity.”

The slaughter in Sirte

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