A Lady Caller from Sirte Raai TV (Text Eng.+ Video-Arabic) 10.10.11

The slaughter in Sirte

10/oct/11 NATO Mercenaries flee Sirte University after receiving heavy casualties
According to Libyan Liberal Youth, Libyan Defense Forces trapped NATO Mercenaries in and around Sirte University after pretending to pull back. NATO Mercenaries were in the campus from 8am to 1pm when the resistance implemented a sneak attack causing heavy casualties and forcing the remaining Mercenaries to flee.

10/oct/11 NATO Mercenaries enter Sirte Hospital and terrorizing patients
According to new reports all patients in Sirte Hospital are terrorized by NATO Mercenaries, as they are accused of being resistance fighters. Many critically injured patients have already been forced out of the hospital, their faith is unknown, but they most likely have been killed outside and dumped in yet more mass graves.

Reports confirm once again that NATO Mercenaries and NATO bombed the hospital many times, a civilian target, then occupied it and using it as a base because Libyan Defense Forces don’t attack hospitals unlike NATO.

Witnesses in the hospital report that the top floors are empty and heavily damaged due to NATO bombings.

A Doctor in the hospital, Maria Cristina Cruz sait that “Nobody went to work after October 2 because of the shelling. They were firing from five in the morning until it got dark,”.

Dr Nabil Lamine said that “It was a holocaust, not a hospital,” referring to the brutal bombing of the hospital and the lack of medical equipment and doctors to save civilians who were injured by NATO and its Mercenaries.

The situation is dire, but HRW organizations are still deafeningly silent. As I said before, NATO is attempting a genocide in Sirte, trying to exterminate a whole Tribe which supports the Libyan Jamahariya Government.

NATO Mercenaries occupied the civilian hospital after a pull back operation by Libyan Defense Forces, now Doctors in the hospital are being terrorized and forced to treat fighters injured in traps instead of civilians critically injured in NATO + Mercenary bombings.

09/oct/11 27 NATO Mercenaries killed and over 200 injured in Southern Sirte
Latest reports from Libya shows that at least 27 Mercenaries have been killed in a pull back operation by Libyan Defense Forces, also at least 200 injured in Southern Sirte.

Libyan Defense Forces have used this strategy to inflict heavy casualties against NATO Mercenaries. First pushing forward behind the front lines, killing many Mercenaries in the process, then a pull back operation is implemented where traps are set, including roadside bombs, booby trapped buildings etc..

09/oct/11 NATO’s genocide in Sirte with world’s deafening silence
According to new reports everything is being bombed by NATO and its Mercenaries in the town of Sirte. TIMES reports that civilian houses are bombed continuously and civilians who try to flee are killed.

This comes after NATO Mercenaries claimed that there is only 300 civilians in Sirte, that means NATO is planning to kill everyone in the town of 100,000 population, and evidence proves that they are trying to kill everyone in the town.

This will be recorded in history as one of NATO’s most heinous crimes against defenseless people, an attempt to exterminate a whole Tribe. Will NATO get away with these crimes? We still have not heard anything from cowardice HRW groups which claim to care for civilians and human rights as much as NATO.

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