Sirte: resistents captured 16 British soldiers

Sirte: resistents captured 16 British soldiers

The forces of the new regime in Libya have known a series of undeclared defeats for over a week after failing to enter the cities of Sirte and Beni Walid, bastions of the old regime of Colonel Gaddafi

The first signs of the military setbacks of the Libyan NTC forces appeared a week ago during the operation against the town of Beni Walid where fighters have lost at least 500 elements and more than 2,000 injured in clashes because of lack of coordination between brigades involved in the assault. Their troops were obliged to fall back on Sunday night after failing to secure positions, including the airport previously taken by their forces.

Libyan officials then turned to the city of Sirte, but the same scenario is repeated in this bastion of Colonel Gaddafi.

Forces Gaddafi announced yesterday they had captured 16 soldiers from airborne units during a military operation near the town of Sirte. According to the website “Seven Days”, close to the Gaddafi units, they have conducted a major operation by capturing 16 soldiers of the British royal forces when the latter tried to infiltrate into the city.

The same source added that the aviation forces of NATO, attempted an operation against senior officials from Qaddafi’s forces, or one of his son, but also to support the fighters of the NTC.

According to the American journalist Christopher Leiman, an expert on Libya, over 200 fighters were killed due to precipitation of the leaders of the NTC who were seeking a win to boost morale of the troops. According to the American journalist, the president of the Provisional Government of Libya Mahmoud Jibril, is responsible for the deaths of more than 200 fighters he had ordered to seize the university and airport of Sirte for the sole purpose of announcing on Al Jazeera channel, the capture of the city even for a few minutes.

For the journalist, it’s a real quagmire in which is the NTC, especially after more than ten-day of siege of the cities of Sirte and Beni Walid without being able to achieve any success, even worse, the differences between combatants have broken on how to share the pie after the fall of Gaddafi.

In addition, the loyalist forces of Qaddafi announced the resumption of Ben Jawad where the green flags float on the buildings.

Ennahar / Yacine Abdelbaki


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