Sirt: the fallen landing

Sirt: the fallen landing

11 Okt, 2011

According to information channels and TV of Libya, under Sirtom, on October, 10th, the NATO has thrown out a parachute landing on help to the mercenaries.

It is thus noticed that emission of parachutists was has been made from the big (safe) height. While “the result of a landing” is known only are there were military men British “commando” — 16 from which are taken prisoner. How many commandoes “haven’t landed”, isn’t informed. Now with them it is visible “peacefully Mutassim talks”, asking their opinion: “who becomes nowadays the champion of England:” Manchester United “or” Manchester of City “?

Nevertheless, we will agree, to shattering defeat of mercenaries of the NATO in Sirte, this “dessert” looks more than adequately.

In connection with such pleasant message (but not for Margelova or some “эхспертов”) allow to tell about one. The history will devote many immortal pages to heroism of inhabitants of this city — M.Kaddafi’s Native land. We still, in the heat of struggle, can’t estimate greatness of this feat on advantage. And heroism of inhabitants doesn’t move to the military account: “have killed-have lost”! But, on the dullness or nonsense the western mass-media and mercenaries have educated us that “– каддафистов, there it is not enough army”, it is a pier the inhabitants frightened of them are at war. And what for and, the main thing as soldiers can “frighten” the parents, and sisters whom for what don’t wish to leave a city — to these rats isn’t allowed to understand brothers. As born to creep.

The history is always written, how “post factum”, our problem, live witnesses of this historical event – to examine and inform to the whole world, through our network — TRUTH on war in Libya. Not to allow to deceive history. And we can bring such contribution to this sacred business.

Look that happens, when we have given the information about real, instead of imaginary losses of mercenaries, ostensibly — 11 killed and 200 wounded (the western mass-media).

We have declared that losses of mercenaries of the NATO make 211 persons killed and more than 300 wounded. The Whole world, all information channels which also are fair, as well as we in front of Libya have picked up this information which I have taken from record of telephone conversation of dear doctor Jusuf Shakira — the head of TV of Libya and defenders of Sirta: nobody listens to us and refuse to sound figures of losses.

We haven’t refused to trust Heroes! It also is ours “the accrediting reading and writing” — to trust Heroes. Speak: “the similar reaches similar”, but let nobody thinks that we want to “be attached” to these heroes. No! At them the battlefield, at us the problem — to break through blockade of lie round Libya, in passing and Syria. And we in Sirte have broken through таки this blockade (and it not for the first time here).

Today already precisely it is known that losses of mercenaries of the NATO have made 230 persons (most likely has died of wounds for these days), and 500 persons wounded more. And when I already wanted to give yesterday this information here has received the letter “from the Brother in Libya” (I I do not know who it). He is offended it has appeared on me that “you the Brother write about big cities forgetting about small”.

Ben Dzhavad (10.000 inhabitants — remain also that less — have taken out old men and children partially) – district Sirta is a question of a small town. And here here, “on a visit – to have a rest”, after shattering defeat in Sirte, there has arrived group of mercenaries. But inhabitants of this small town — fellow countrymen of Kaddafi, have appeared very “inhospitable” – have killed 60 and took 30 uninvited visitors in a captivity. The others have run away at full speed aside — Misurata. It was confirmed already with A.Zhjul who as well as promised has specified these figures.

That is why, if you meet figures of losses under Sirtom for the days off — “about 300 killed mercenaries” don’t think that it is imagination of the author, for it “losses under Sirtom”. As we will tell “near Moscow and in mountains. Odintsovo” — in the sum.

The basic news this hour are that and there is still a weight of others and, the main thing pleasant from the point of view of victories of fighters of Resistance of Libya!”

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