Libyan War News: October 11, 2011 (Video+Text)

the video above (Telesur) has been recorded 2 months ago: we displaying it just for the pleasure of seeing the real Libyan heroes

BREAKING NEWS: October 11, 2011

Baths of Valid: terrorists from NTC are dissatisfied. The NATO too. Contention between them. The first accuse the last for absence of cover. Actually, at the airport when they celebrated “victory” by destruction of portraits of Muammar Kaddafi, there was an accident, – they “have been taken by a frost”… Then they ran, having left all on a place…

Tripoli: from 200 to 300 Islamites have tried to make revolution, having attacked a mosque. Lie that it there were Loyalists and patriots, which have started to operate to note the presence. Struggle in the center of Tripoli under the direction of people of Hamisa al-Kaddafi proceeds. While ПНС suddenly declares Libya the propagation released according to canons, these events make it clear that Tripoli doesn’t supervise the country. Shots while uncertainty is almost constant from time to time sound. One more arsenal has been destroyed. By the way, renegades has stolen everything that in a museum of Tripoli. Libyans?

Sirte: while on Al-Dzhazire statement of storm of a city prepared, resistance hasn’t allowed it to realize. Unlike figure, there, actually, more than 370 Nato-mercenaries were killed and more than 1000 have got serious traumas. Thus, though the Red Cross evacuated the last of 100 patients who have remained in hospital Ibn Sina in Sirte, mercenaries have grasped the Philippine nurses who hid in a hospital cellar, and have sent them for treatment of wounded men in field hospital, on the western entrance to a city. Struggle proceeds, and the well-known final fight looks as a streamlet, despite deadly bombardments of the NATO which don’t stop even on mosques. More than 70 civilians have been killed.

Sirte: GreenFreeLibya 370 Nato-mercenaries were killed and over 1000 wounded, and 3 brigades left frontlines of Sirte, many demoralized.

Ben Dzhavad: about a small town from 10.000 inhabitants which also is a district Sirt part, Nato-mercenaries have been crushed. 60 lost their life and 30 are detained. Others fled, now in city Misrata.
Libya won’t be easily grasped, and struggle only begins.

By the sniper of the Libyan Green Army specialized forces of resistance a shot in an eye the leader of Nato-mercenaries Ashraf Issa Barish has been shot. He has died instantly. Ashraf Isa Barich is the mercenary from Tobruk which from the conflict beginning actively took part in attacks, murders and tortures of Libyans. Together with it the group of five Nato-mercenaries has been killed.

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