Libyan War News: October 10, 2011

Green  Resistance

BREAKING NEWS: October 10, 2011

SIRTE: Victory of Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds, controlling Sirte.
In Sirte Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds on Eastern front have broke the seige of Sirte, and on Southern front Nato-mercenaries were hited from back by Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds from Bani-Walid, Tarhuna and other Green towns.
On the Wester front of Sirte, Nato-mercenaries have many victims and were fled away 10km to desert.
Sirte report : 2 brigades of Nato-mercenaries “Martyrs of feb17 of benghazi” and another one were complete destroyed on 9.October.2011 and their 2 commanders lost their life.
211 Nato-mercenaries lost their life and more than 300 hard wounded.

Sirte hospital Ibn Sina, conference center Wagafugu and university Sirte are controlling by Green resistance.

The incessant NATO bombing has caused serious casualties among the civilian population. More than 4000 civilians were killed by NATO bombs, mostly childrens and womans, from begining aggression to 9.October.2011.

If you have strong stomach you can look into this terrible video as well:

Today, 10.October.2011, big counter attack of Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds on all fronts.

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