Libyan War News: update late October 9, 2011 (Video+Text)

Sirte: 2 brigades of NTC-AlQaeda-Nato rebels were destroyed, and 2 commanders lost their life so far today. Victory for Green Resistance. Nato-mercenaries were forced to retreat.

At the same time, NATO bombed and killed an uncertain number of Libyans in Sirte: some sources say that more than a thousand civilians have died in the houses bombed by NATO planes.

Qaddafi is definitely getting support from the neighbouring Tuareg peoples from Mali, Chad, Niger and even Algeria. But the rest of Africa should take heed when there is Barack Hussein Obama the so-called FIRST “black” president of the United States of America who turns the other way, while many of black Libyans and many an African migrant are getting harassed and slaughtered by the NATO mislead racist Nato-mercenaries.

UN remains muted as tens of thousands of Libyans are being murdered by NATO and their cohorts under the guise that they are protecting “civilians.” And the UN has to answer for the lies they created over Qaddafi’s use of aerial attacks on his own people and then to allow NATO to go in and bomb humanity, when the main purpose of UN is to stop wars. But, when it comes people of other races, that is not the case, considering what the US and the rest of NATO have done with their superior weaponries since 1945.

A few days before Qaddafi allowed the rebels to take Tripoli, the good Dr. Moussa Ibrahim said in his own words “that the world is lacking decency” when he called every organisation connected to the UN months ago about the heartless bombings that went on in Tripoli and not one of them responded. That is state the world is in right now. What I am saying is that many of the countries in the Mid-East and Africa have gotten to use to being bossed around without trying to put up a fight and play this detrimental puppet game.

Where was the rest of the Arab nations when Saddam Hussein decided to put up a fight against the great Satan of America and Britain back in 1991 and in 2003? Yet, a few days ago Assad threatened to bomb Israel if he is attacked – the same language Saddam Hussein spoke back in 1991, but where was Syria?

Years ago Louis Farrakhan (Leader of Nation of Islam) warned Qaddafi that the powers that be would do military strikes on him again. But Qaddafi believed in the reassuring lies of Western politicians that they would not do such things, so Qaddafi delayed in upgrading his military.

But do not worry about the rest of the world ignoring the plight of thousands of innocent Libyans dying at the hands of the greatly evil NATO and their puppets and moronic fools. We are beginning to see that somehow, the failures of NATO in breaking the “will” of the legitimate Green Libyan forces and its rightful peoples in places like Sirte and Bani Walid, despite NATO’s “shock and awe” campaigns from the skies.

The “will power” of the rightful Jamahiriya will see them through, this is why NATO are extending their heartless bombing campaign for another three months just to see if they can break the “will power.” But all they have done is created more anger and more hatred from the very people they are supposed to protect.

Have more faith that NATO have already failed in their goals to take Libya in a month, it is now eight months later and nothing gained, but more murders and more destruction – that is how DEAF, DUMB AND BLIND NATO really are – they do not know how to communicate let alone relate, but to make threats militarily and to try and control the resources that does not belong to them because they are broke. They underestimated the “will power” of the Jamahiriya. NATO is failing against this “will power.” And that is more than what the world can offer the legitimate Libyan people.
Long live Qaddafi.
Text by Djeyyel


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