Libyan War News: October 5, 2011


Sirte is controlling Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds with Libyan volunteers. NATO-mercenaries are desperate to call mission over as fighting spreads across Libya and Media-war is being lost.

Resistance is growing in all areas of Libya. Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds with Libyan volunteers went trough tunnels and captured 10 NATO-mercenaries and 20 died at outskirts of Sirte.

NATO-mercenaries have been trapped in low residential area. Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds with Libyan volunteers were firing from higher area. Green Resistance has surrounded NATO-mercenaries brigade there and killed 1 commander and 50 rebels.

Sheik of Sirte said :“Urged red cross or other humanitarian organizations to contact civilian city”, and in the mean time Red cross is supplying “rebels”.
NATO-mercenaries lost hundreds to reach a hotel in Sirte, but hotel was quickly retaken by Green resistance after NATO bombing.
NATO-mercenaries are now at outskirt areas of Sirte and were entered in small part of Abu Hadi and Sabalibya: both are a death trap for NATO-mercenaries.

On the East of Libya the city of Baydah has made tribal meeting and has officially rejected the NATO-mercenaries renegades as “corrupt”.

Sabha and Bani Walid have 100% upperhand over all NATO-mercenaries “rebels”. The real battle left now is in outskirts of Sirte.

Big fighting in Tripoli just going trough subjects actually right now.
At Alsreem, Dahra and Bab al Aziziyah hard fight. In market Al Tulatha 8 NATO-mercenaries died and, from hotel Corinthia, Bab Africa NATO-mercenaries were fled to Bengazi.

In Tripoli, Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds with Libyan volunteers have captured a Weapons Warehouse, including 30 armored Cars with heavy guns.

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