Libyan War News: October 4, 2011

They are in Libya in fight.

October 4, 2011

Libya Liberal Youth: reports from the front lines

In area between Bani Walid and Tojoura, 35 cars of Nato-mercenaries zintani where exploded by explosive devices that the touaregs have planted unter theyr nose. Unknown number of victims.

In Tarhouna a part of Khamis brigade did a raid that resulted to the death of 4 platoons of Nato-mercenaries, we withdrew right after. A platoon is a military unit typically composed of two to four sections or squads and containing 16 to 50 soldiers. (4 x 50=200)

Tripoli , 8 Nato-mercenaries check points where demolished by snipers, 32 Nato-mercenaries dead under the cover of night and the quiet of silencers. Note that it was the first time after 2 weeks the Nato-mercenaries deployed checkpoints.

Libyan Army and Libyan moujaheeds were shoot down Nato-mercenaries transport airplane IL-76 (Israel-76?..). It was shooted by Russian anti-aircraf rocket missile “Needle”, north of Sabha.
200 Nato-mercenaries were killed. They were going for landing in Tripoli.

No martyrdom in these occasions from Libyan Army and moujaheeds side.

Libya Liberal Youth to publish the facts for Libya tomorrow

STCOM – La voix des opprimés

In accordance with the opinion of the mujaidines and the leaders of all the regions of Libya he has remembered to add the slogan “Allah is big” to the national green flag and that the provisional capital of the country should be Beni Walid up to the liberation of Tripoli with the consequent expulsion of the forces of the NATO and its assistants of the AlQaeda and “CNT” that have occupied it. name=News&file=article&sid=6228


“According to latest reports NATO Mercenaries have entered Sirte city from the South, but are surrounded by Libyan Snipers causing heavy casualties. NATO forces can’t retreat from their positions because they would be exposed to Libyan snipers.

At least hundred to two hundred NATO Mercenaries are trapped inside the city, no reinforcements have arrived yet. They are running out of supplies and asking for intensification of NATO terror operations.

It is yet unclear why NATO has not sent in reinforcements, maybe they are preoccupied in the East, and intense clashes in Tripoli districts”.

SomaliaSupport2: Libya

SomaliaSupport2 –  Massive battle in Tripoli at Alsreem and Dahra. Also big fights continue at Bab al Aziziyah. Nato-mercenaries report hospitals cant handle injured Nato-mercenaries .

SomaliaSupport2 – Caller from Inside Tripoli says “Don’t listen to reports from MEDIA:  the Nato-mercenaries don’t control anything, but just Drive in convoys on main roads”

SomaliaSupport2 – From Sirte: the Nato-mercenaries were Defeated at Outskirts and never made it. MEDIA was making massive spin due to heavy losses

SomaliaSupport2 – Confirmed by MEDIA: Rebels are Defeated. ALSO sources from within SIRTE stated Rebels were defeated and many weapons captured on EAST Sirte.!/SomaliaSupport2

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