The time is coming

The time is coming when the NATO will leave from Libya and the NATO-mercenaries (rats) will panicly be defeated.

According to the writen or voice message that will be adressed soon by our brother leader to the people of Libya about the strategy of how to plan for the future of the post-nato Libya.

1. – First of all the volunteers of the tribes that will clean the Libyan towns and villages and cities would only clean them with a fight. Will respect any captive and release him in short period of time and will honour the word moujaheed. They will not commit any crime against them. We, the libyan people, are not like the “rats” that disgaced the name of muslim and cooperate with the enemies and the crusaders.

2. – The women that come from a NATO-mercenaries family or even they are rats, no matter what their families or them have done to the loyal people, should be respected as it regards their honour.

3. – The moujaheeds while cleaning the cities and villages should respect the property of the people and also protect any public infrastructure that belongs to the total of the libyan people.

4. – No violation of human rights or anything that can justify any further foreing interfearence will be accepted.
( this directions compromize with the moral and the ethics of humanity )

5. – Also in order to prevent the tribal unity in Libya there will be a statement of unity that will be made, and all the tribes, no matter what are their stance now in the foreing intervention, will be called to sing it. Its the last opportunity fot the tribes of traitors to clarify their position and admit any mistake by singing this statement. The first tribes that will sing this statement will be the Bani Walid (Werfalla ) Touareg and tribes of Sirte.

Any tribe that does not sign this document will not have honour in the future Libya.

Font: Libya Liberal Youth

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