Libyan War News: September 29, 2011

(-September 29, 2011-)
Libya Liberal Youth updates from the front lines:

  • 1. Ghadames , the touaregs, the Lions of the Sahara, have annihilated the Nato-mercenaries in Ghadames area , resulting to the death of more than 50 of them and the flee of the rest.
  • 2. Sirte. In the west front of Sirte , a week after the death of Ibrahim al Halbous al Katiba , commander of the criminal gang of Misrati Nato-mercenaries called “Black Katiba” , his brother, leader of the armed gangs of Misrata, Mohammed al Hablous, was killed by in Sirte. This two deaths have lowered the morale of Nato-mercenaries in the West front of Sirte and resulted to their retreat.
  • 3. In the East front of Sirte some little forces of Nato-mercenaries having cover from Nato airplaines and some boats tried to infiltrate and enter the city. Army allowed to them ( 2 tanks 12 vehicles and some other ) to come near center where they were trapped and faced death. One survivor of Nato-mercenaries fled in front of BBC camera cried: “…please enter the city, we are trapped, we dont have so much power”, and the reply of the Nato-mercenaries to his cry was that they could not enter because of the fight. So all those Nato-mercenaries are now probably dead.
  • 4. Bani Walid , second in command of the Nato-mercenaries of the Tripoli brigade, Sami Ali al Tarhouni, was killed yesterday. Also the traitor that wanted to surrender Bani Walid to the Nato-mercenaries by negociations was captured by the people of Bani Walid.
  • 5. Tripoli. in 2 ambushes last night 14 Nato-mercenaries found death. Our source in Tripoli reports that in the night the checkpoints of Nato-mercenaries are empty because no Nato-mercenaries wants to stand waiting for death.
  • 6. Britan will withdraw 6 Apache that where operating in Libya , probably after agreement with Libyan reistance in order to gain the release of British-mercenaries captured in Sirte  and Bani Walid.
  • 7. Sebha is under control of Libyan army and Tuareg moujaheeds. 15000 Tuaregs from all desert area were come to Sebha. A green flags over roofs on Sebha. Nato-mercenaries were refused to fight because they have numerous victims. NATO was apported them 16 millions stolen money from Libyan banks to pay them to continue to fight.
  • 8. Sirte. The new Nato-mercenaries commander Mohamed Nabus was killed tonight. Last day was killed Bengazi Nato-mercenaries commander Habib and his sub-commander. Currently there is a fight but outside town. NATO continious boming town. Counter attack of Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds. There is a brigade of general Al Duri with his headquarters and more than 3000 fighters which fight against Nato-mercenaries. In counter attak were killed 10 Nato-mercenaries and 80 wounded. New tribes of moujaheeds from Tarhuna were come to help Libyan people in Sirte.
  • 9. In Tripoli airport was destroyed Turkish military airplane by Libyan army.
  • 10. In Uzd Tah, Tuareg moujaheeds were smashed Nato-mercenaries. 270 killed Nato-mercenaries, 100 captured, 60 battle cars destoyed.
  • 11. In Ghat, on south of Libya, Libyan army were killed 20 Nato-mercenaries. The battle was 20 km from town Ghat.


Font: Libya-Liberal-Youth


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