Hugo Chávez to the United Nations Organization

Letter of the president Hugo Chávez to the United Nations Organization

September 27, 2011

MESSAGE In the frame of the 66th period of meetings of the General Assembly of the UNO – (ONU)

Mister President of the General Assembly:

Distinguished representatives of the peoples of the world:

Ladies and gentlemen:

I direct these words to the General Assembly of the United Nations, to this big forum where all the peoples of the ground are represented, to express the truths of the Venezuela bolivariana and to reaffirm our inalienable commitment with the justice and the equality, this is, with the peace.

The peace, the peace, the peace … we do not look for the peace of the cemeteries, as was saying Kant with irony, but a peace placed in the most jealous respect to the international law. Regrettably, the UNO, along all its history, instead of adding and multiplying efforts by the peace between the Nations, ends up by endorsing — a few times, for action and, others, for omission – the most merciless injustices.

It is always necessary to remember that the Preamble of the Letter of the United Nations, one speaks of saving to the future generations of the scourge of the war … Pure dead letter. From 1945 for here, the wars have not made but to grow and to multiply inexorably. Let’s see, once again, towards destroyed and gory Libya for will of the powerful ones of this world.

I want to do called the reflection the governments of the world: from September 11, 2001, there began a new imperialist war that does not have historical precedents: a permanent war, to perpetuity.

We must look straight ahead at the frightening reality of the world in which we live. Necessary it is to formulate a set of worries from the dangers and the threats that watch us: why is the United States the only country that sows the planet with military bases?; to what is he afraid of him to have so chilling budget destined to increase increasingly its military power?; why have unleashed so many wars, violating the sovereignty of other nations that have the same rights on its destinations?; how do to cost the international law against its senseless hegemonizar aspiration in a military way to the world as a guarantee of energy sources to support its model predator and consumer?; why UNO does not it do anything to stop Washington? If we were answering, with absolute sincerity, to these questions, we would understand that the empire has awarded the judge’s role of the world, without nobody having granted him such responsibility, and that, therefore, the imperialist war threatens us all.

Washington knows that the multipolar world is already an irreversible reality. Its strategy consists of stopping, at all costs, the supported ascent of a set of emergent countries, negotiating big interests, with its associates and followers, to give him to the multipolarity the course that the empire wants. But this is not quite: it is a question of a reconfiguration of the world that is sustained in the Yankee military hegemony.

The humanity is facing the true threat of the permanent war. In any stage, and Libya demonstrates it, the empire is ready to create the political conditions to go to the war. In the imperial vision of the world, the famous Clausewitz axiom is invested: the politics is the continuation of the war for other means.

What is there in the background of this new Armageddon?: the all-embracing power of the military-financial dome that it is destroying to the world to accumulate more and more profit; the military-financial dome that it is subordinating, from fact, to a set, bigger and bigger, of the States. It be born in mind that the way of existing of the financial capital is the war: the war that it ruins to more, enriches, up to the unthinkable thing, to few ones.

In the immediate thing the most serious threat exists for the world peace: the unleashing of a new cycle of colonial wars, which began in Libya, with the objective catastrophe of giving him the second air to the capitalist system – world, today in structural crisis, but without putting any class of limits to its consumer and destructive voraciousness. The case of Libya must alert us on the pretension to implement a new imperial coloniaje format: that of the military interventionism endorsed by the undemocratic organs of the United Nations and justified based on lies mediáticas prefabricated.

The humanity is at the edge of an unimaginable catastrophe: the planet devastator goes inexorably towards more ecocidio; the global warming announces it, across its frightening consequences, but the ideology of Politely and the Pizarro with regard to the ecosystem, as well says the notable French thinker Edgar Morin, leads them to keeping on pillaging and destroying. The energy crisis and the food crisis sharpen, but the capitalism keeps on penetrating with impunity all the limits.

Opposite to this so distressing panorama, the big scientist American Linus Pauling, rewarded in two occasions with the Nobel Prize, follows us illuminating the way: I believe that it exists in the world a power major than the negative power of the military force and of the nuclear bombs: the power of the good, of the morality, of the humanitarianism. I believe in the power of the human spirit. Let’s mobilize, then, all the power of the human spirit: it is already a time. It is imposed to untie a big political counter-offensive to prevent the powers of the darkness from finding justifications to go to the war: to untie the widespread global war with which they try to save to the Occident capital.

Venezuela calls to the constitution of a big alliance against the war and for the peace: with the supreme target to avoid the war to as it gives place. It is necessary to defeat politically the guerreristas and, even more, to the military-financial dome that protects them and is in charge.

Let’s construct the balance of the universe that avizorara the Liberator Simón Bolívar: the balance that, according to its words, cannot be in the bosom of the war; the balance that is born of the peace.

Necessary it is to do memory and immediate memory: Venezuela, along with the member countries of the Alliance Bolivariana for the peoples of Our America (DAWN), was advocating actively a peaceful settlement and negotiated to the Libyan conflict. This way the African Union did it, also. But, at last, there was imposed the warlike logic decreed from the Security Council of the UNO and putting in practice by the NATO, this military arm of the Yankee empire. The warlike logic that had its spearhead in the transnational companies of the communication: be remembered that the “case Libya” was taken to the Security Council on the base of the intense propaganda of mass media, which lied on having affirmed that the Libyan aviation was bombarding civil innocent persons, for not mentioning the grotesque staging mediática in the Green Square of Tripoli. This premeditated lies campaign, justified hurried and irresponsible measurements of the Security Council of the UNO, which opened the way so that the NATO was implementing, for the military route, its politics of change of diet in this country.

He is worth while wondering: into what has turned the area of air exclusion established by the resolution 1973 of the Security Council? Perhaps more than 20.000 air missions of the NATO against Libya, many of them in order to bombard the Libyan people, are not the denial itself of this Area of Exclusion? Annihilated completely the Libyan air force, the continuity of the “humanitarian” bombings demonstrates that Occident, across the NATO, imposes its interests in the North of Africa, turning Libya into a colonial protectorate.

It is a mockery to affirm that a weapon sequestration has been imposed from the UNO in Libya, when the same NATO introduced thousands of weapon weighed to support to the violent insurrection against the legitimate government of this country. The sequestration, of course, had only to prevent the Libyan government from defending its sovereignty, validating once again this cruel way of international functioning according to which the law only is imposed on the dweeb.

What is the real motive of this military intervention?: to re-colonize Libya to take possession of its wealths. Everything else subordinates itself to this target. Nobody colonizes innocently, was saying, with all reason, the big poet martiniqués Aimé Césaire in its extraordinary Speech on the colonialism.

Certainly: the Residence of our Ambassador in Tripoli was invaded and plundered, but the UNO did silence for the forum, keeping an ignominious silence.

We demand the immediate cessation of the bombings on Libyan territory. The same way, we will keep on demanding that respect to the international law in case of this Nation joins: we will not remain kept silent before the perverse intention of destroying the bases that give sense to him and reason. That’s why the same, we throw the following question to this Assembly: Why is the bench of Libya granted in the UNO to the autoso called “National Council of Transition”, while the revenue of Palestine is blocked, without knowing, not only its legitimate aspiration, but what is already a majority will of the General Assembly? Venezuela confirms here, with all its forces and with the moral authority that it grants the majority will of the peoples of the world, its unconditional solidarity with the Palestinian people and its support irrestricto to the Palestinian national cause, including certainly the immediate admission of the Palestinian State of full right in the bosom of the United Nations Organization.

And the same imperialist format is recuring in case of Syria. Not to be because any permanent members of the Security Council do sample today of the steadfastness that they lacked in case of Libya, everything would be defined so that the Security Council was giving its guarantee to the NATO to shoot missiles and to send bombers against Syria.

It is intolerable that the powerful ones of this world try to adopt the right to order legitimate and sovereign leaders to resign in the immediate thing. This way it happened with Libya, in the same way they want to proceed against Syria. Such are the existing asymmetries in the international stage and such is the outrage against the independent Nations.

It is not us who to move forward a judgment on the internal situation of Syria, first, for the complexity inherent in any national reality, and second because only the Syrian people can solve its problems and decide its destination bearing in mind the right to the self-determination of the peoples, an inalienable right in every respect. But that does not prevent us from thinking that it is hundred times better to bet for the success of the wide national dialogue to which there has summoned the President Bashar Al Assad, who to impose sanctions and to shout like hyenas for a military intervention. From the Venezuela bolivariana we endorse, without ambiguities, the enormous efforts that the President Bashar Al Assad does for preserving the unit and the stability of its homeland, before the siege of the voracious imperialism.

Mister President,

Let’s direct our attention now to the Horn of Africa and we will have a heartbreaking example of the historical defeat of the UNO: most of serious news agencies support that between 20 thousand and 29 thousand children younger than 5 years have died in the last three months.

The big journalist Frida Modak, in its article to Die in Somalia, leaves to the overdraft the whole misery that, worse that the one that devastates the extensive region of the Horn of Africa, eats away the main international organizations, in primerísimo finished the UNO: What is needed to face to this situation there are thousand 400 million dollars, not to solve the problem, but to attend to the emergency in which there are Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti and Ethiopia. According to all the informations next two months will be decisive to avoid the death of more than 12 million persons and the most serious situation is that of Somalia.

This reality cannot be more atrocious, if at the same time we do not wonder how much one is spending in destroying Libya. This way the American conferee Dennis Kucinich answers: This new War will cost us 500 million dollars only during the first week. Clear it is that we have no financial resources for that and we will end up by reducing the financing of other important domestic programs. According to the same Kucinich, with the spent in the first three weeks to the north of the African continent, to massacre the Libyan people, in much it might have helped to the whole region of the Horn of Africa, saving tens thousands of lives.

The reasons that motivated the criminal intervention in Libya for nothing are humanitarian: they are based on the Malthusian postulate of which “the people remain in the world” and it is necessary to eliminate it, generating more famine, destruction and suspense. Generating, at the same time, more financial profit. In this sense, it is frankly deplorable that in the message of opening of 66 General Assembly of the UNO did not call to the immediate action to solve the humanitarian crisis that endures the Horn of Africa, while he makes sure that “the moment to act has come” on Syria.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We cry out, the same way, for the end of the shameful and criminal blockade the sister República de Cuba: blockade that, for more than fifty years, the empire exercises, with cruelty and sevicia, against the heroic people of José Martí.

Until 2010, already nineteen votings go in the General Assembly of the UNO that confirm the universal will to him demand from the United States that it should stop the economic and commercial blockade against Cuba. Exhausted all the arguments of the international good sense, only he remains to believe that such cruelty against the Cuban Revolution is a consequence of the imperial pride before the dignity and the valor that has showed the rebellious Cuban village in the sovereign decision to govern its destination and to fight for its happiness.

From Venezuela, we believe that there has come the hour of demanding from the United States not only the immediate end and without conditions of the criminal blockade imposed against the Cuban people, but the putting at large of 5 antiterrorist fighters Cuban kidnapped in the jails of the Empire, for the only motive of thinking about how to prevent the illegal actions that terrorist groups prepare against Cuba, under the shelter of the government of the United States.

Mister President of the General Assembly and distinguished representatives of the peoples of the world:

We want to repeat it: it is impossible to ignore the crisis of United Nations. Before the same General Assembly we supported, in the year 2005, that the model of United Nations had become exhausted. In that occasion, we raise, also, the urgent need for its refoundation.

Since then even here, nothing has been done: the political will of the powerful ones has been imposed. Sure: the UNO, as today it works, serves meekly to its interests. For us, it is clear that it does not improve United Nations it is going to improve from inside. If its Secretary-General together with the District attorney of the International Penal Court, they take part in a war act, as in case of Libya, there is nothing to expect for from the current format of this organization. And there is already no time for reforms: the UNO does not accept any reform; the illness that goes inside is mortal.

It turns out to be intolerable that there exists a Security Council that gives him the back, whenever he wants, to the majority clamor of the nations, without knowing deliberately the will of the General Assembly. If the Security Council is a club luck with privileged members: what can do the General Assembly, what its maneuver margin is, when these violate the international law?

Paraphrasing to Bolivar — when it was referring specifically to the nascent Yankee imperialism in 1818 – there is already enough that the laws are practised by the dweeb and the abuses I them practised the fortress. We cannot be the Peoples of the South who we respect the international law, while the North destroys us and plunders, violating it.

If we do not assume, of a good time, the commitment to re-found United Nations, this organization will lose definitely few credibility that he has left. Its legitimacy crisis will hasten up to the final implosion. In fact, this way it happened with the organism that was its immediate precedent: the League of Nations.

The first and decisive step so that we begin to re-found United Nations would be to eliminate the category of permanent members and the right to veto in the Security Council. The same way, it would be necessary to maximize democratically the power of decision of the General Assembly. Also the review is imposed, in the immediate thing, thoroughly of the Letter of United Nations with the target to proceed to the writing of a new Letter.

Peoples of the world:

The future of a multipolar world in peace, resides in us. In the joint of the majority peoples of the planet to defend ourselves from the new colonialism and to reach the balance of the universe that it neutralizes to the imperialism and to the arrogance.

It is called widely, generously, respectfully, without exclusions, it speaks to all the peoples of the world, but much especially to the emergent potency of the South, which must assume with valor the roll that they are named to redeem in the immediate thing.

From Latin America and the Caribbean Sea there have arisen powerful and dynamic regional alliances, which think about how to form a democratic, respectful regional space of the peculiarities, and anxiously to put the accent in the solidarity and the complementarity, promoting what joins us and solving politically what divides us. And this new regionalism admits the diversity and respects the rhythms of every whom. This way, the Alliance Bolivariana for the Peoples of Our America (DAWN) advances like experiment of avant-garde of progressive and anti-imperialistic governments, looking for rupture formulae with the prevailing international order and strengthening the aptitude of the peoples to face, collectively, to the powers fácticos. But this does not prevent its members from giving a determined impulse and enthusiast to the consolidation of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), political block that federa to the 12 sovereign States of South America, in order to group them in what The Liberator Simón Bolívar called “a Nation of Republics”. And further away, 33 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean Sea we prepare ourselves to give the historical step of founding a big regional entity that groups all of us, without exclusions, where we could design together the politics that will have to guarantee our well-being, our independence and our sovereignty, with base in the equality, the solidarity and the complementarity. Caracas, the capital of the Republic Bolivariana of Venezuela, is proud from in already lodging, next on December 2 and 3, the Summit of Heads of state and of Government that will found definitely our Community of the Latin-American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

The Venezuelans we code our hopes in a big alliance of assemble regional of the South, like the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), the CARICOM, the SICA, the African Union, THEY ADORN it or the ECHO and, much especially, in the interregional instances of joint of emergent potency like the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) that must turn in a pole of attraction articulated with the peoples of the South.

I want to finish remembering the big singer of the Venezuelan people: to Alí Primera. In one of its songs it addresses to us this way: What the struggle is of / the men, to manage / the peace?/: And which peace? / If they want to stop / the world how is life. Today more that never, the worst crime against the peace is to stop to the world how is life: if we leave it how is life, the present and the future are and they will be determined by the perpetual war. On the contrary, to achieve the peace supposes revertir radically everything what prevents, to say it with the same Alí Primera, who should be human / the humanity.

Hugo Chávez Frías.

President of the Republic Bolivariana of Venezuela.


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