Resistance and Victory

Great resistance and victories of the Libyan people against Nato-mercenaries

Sirte is controlling by Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds with Libyan volunteers. In Sirte now hard fight.
Sirte. Last day 26.9. 2011, were killed about 100 Nato-mercenaries and 450 wounded.

In Bani Walid 26.9.2011, Nato-mercenaries were run out of town.
Around 350 Nato-mercenaries were killed in Bani Walid by the Libyan resistance and now the Nato-mercenaries are about 40 km away from the city.

Ghadames is fully liberated from Nato-mercenaries. Now it’s a stronghold city of Libyan army and free Libyan people.

In Bengazi hard fight between Libyan tribes Warfala, Obeida, Libyan volunteers against Nato-mercenaries.
More than 50% of Bengazi is controlling by Warfala and Obeida tribes. There is a Green flag on the roofs.
More than 590 Nato-mercenaries have arrived to different hospitals in Benghazi after they were wounded/killed in battles there.

In Misruta the same situation. Local tribe fight against Nato-mercenaries.

50% of Misruta is controlling by tribe.

In almost all Kirenaiki going fights. Local tribes against Nato-mercenaries.

The Nato-mercenaries have decided to attack Sirt from the sea side after they failed to attack it on land.


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