Muammar Gadhafi on Bani Walid radio: September 27, 2011

Leader of the Revolution held a speech broadcasted over the Bani Walid radio

“Glory to you, greatest heroes of the Libyan people!
You carry a proud blood of your ancestors!
They were telling lies that Gaddafi is in Veneceuela , and than in Niger, but I’m here with you.
There are also servants of the colonialists among our people, which I’m ashamed of.
Hold on and be prepared on daily basis, I’m receiving calls from all the cities on Jamahiryan territory, and the zero hour will inevitably come.
People who were martyred are eternal, they fought and died for their country to be free of colonialism and chains. Just as their fathers wished for in 1969… Forward… … … Forward… … …

The most easiest solution was to say to the colonial powers in the begining to come and take the oil from our people and stop the agression. But the blood of my ancestors and my father and my children and my grandchildren and all the young children and Libyan women and Libyan men and Sheiks, blood of all who were martyred by the bombs in this agression, pushed us to the path of defiance and rejection of colonialism.

We have said and continue to say… This is the oil of the Libyan people, not French or British. This food belongs to people, it is not my property nor theirs, it belongs to the people!

The resistant and awaiting martyrdom of the heroes, martyrdom which is true to the verse. To some of you who are waiting- do not be sad cause you will become weak, be patient for victory. Libya is not the first country in the world to be attacked by the planes and fleets of the largest coalition in the history of the world, but they overlooked the fact that Libya has a history and that Libyans are the greatest nation on earth in their resistance, persistance and defiance of the agression!
Libya will never be for traitors, Libya will be a hell for them!
A hell for NATO, west and its agents!

Font: Bani Walid Radio


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