Fake News and Real News: AlJazeera Propaganda and Fierce Resistance

The White House’s rule over international news

26/sept/11 – Heavy gunfire and explosions have been heard in the small town of Ragdaline according to new reports, fighting continues and witnesses suggests that oil refineries have been blown up by the Jamahariya Government few hours before NATO experts arrived and plan out the leaching of Libyan Resources.

French companies are already stealing Libyan resources from the sea, NATO warships are guarding Libyan off-shore oil refineries, and French companies are stealing the oil as we speak. Libyans refuse to allow NATO to steal more from inland refineries, the resources belong to Libyans, not to NATO and the Libyan government has vowed to continue resisting any theft and plunder of sovereign wealth.

26/sept/11 – Fighting was reported around and inside the town of Ghadames previously, but new reports suggests that NATO Mercenaries have fled the town fearing an entrapment.

Since the Tarhuna Tribe rose up and advancing West wards, NATO mercenaries are quick to leave Western towns because NATO bombs are not available in every city.

They have fled in fear, but finding it hard to regroup. Some fighters crossed the border and entered Tunisia to create a base, but fighting soon broke out between Tunisian Defence forces and NATO Mercenaries.

26/sept/11 – Once again receiving a devastating defeat, NATO militias retreated even after brutal and deadly NATO terror operations. NATO Mercenaries claim that 7 of their fighter have been killed and at least 160 critically wounded. This is contradictory to sources from within Sirte which state that at least 100 killed and over 450 injured.

26/sept/11 New reports suggests that at least 6 NATO Mercenaries killed in Ghadames, forcing them to retreat to Tunisia where they also met heavy resistance from Tunisian Defence Forces. Ali al-Man said to reporters that “fighting was ongoin…

On the 22nd of September at least 70 innocent women and children killed inside a school in Sirte according to new reports. The families were using the school as a shelter, thinking North Atlantic Terror Organization wouldn’t target it.

Let’s take a moment of silence, and pray for these innocent souls who were killed, these crimes against humanity will never be forgotten. People say forgiveness is possible, no matter how heinous the crime, but it will never be forgotten, no matter how many corrupt mass media riles up to deny the terrorism committed by NATO.

NATO & its Rebels Genocide Faces Fierce Resistance in Sirte

NATO Mercenaries claimed that they will create a puppet government by last Sunday (18/sept/11), they miserably failed to create a puppet regime for multiple reasons:

  • 1. NATO forces are like thieves turning against each other (division).
  • 2. Almost all of Libya is under the Libyan Jamahariya Government’s control.
  • 3. Different NATO members are also divided, each wanting their own puppets to hold a key position.

These are the three problems which have to be solved.

NATO media slightly changed the tactic, this time claiming that many Southern Libyan towns have been occupied, some media even claim that Bani Walid and Sirte is the last two towns controlled by the Libyan Jamahariya Government, in a desperate attempt to solve problem number 2.

The irony is, even though they have created this false perception, on the ground, once again observers suggests that NATO will fail to create a puppet regime.

All the NATO propaganda hype that a puppet government will be announced by next week might turn in to a joke when the time comes, similar to last week. The Zero Hour is approaching, and they are panicking, they are not capable of forming a puppet regime by then, and NATO members might not be satisfied with the progress therefore could potentially vote against the continuation of the terror operations, due to their economic failures.

Rape was just one of many brutal tools used by NATO mercenaries to silence Libyans, and force them in to submission. Many brutal cases emerged, but no organization condemned such atrocities, nor promised to hold NATO responsible for the atrocities.

Cases after cases of brutal and merciless rapes in the hands of NATO mercenaries came forward, but the media completely silent.

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Medics confirm the mass grave site of Abu Saleen Prison is fake

26/sept/11Medics on the scene testified that the supposed mass grave of a massacre is fake, and the bone fragments are not human. Another devastating blow to NATO propaganda.

NATO has accused the Libyan Jamahariya Government of committing a massacre in Abu Saleen prison, but similar to most accusations, no evidence has been provided. Although some people were sentenced to death for treason from that prison, a massacre has never taken place, a fabricated propaganda lie orchestrated by Libyan enemies. Many CIA agents were executed by the Libyan Government after a failed coup which was headed by Colonel Khalifa Haftar who was operating from USA.

medics with CNN staffers on the scene said the bones did not appear to be human.” (from the mouth piece of NATO propaganda (source – CNN))

I would like to thank “Anonymous says: September 26, 2011 12:27 AM” for revealing the report to us.

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“The bones found here are bigger than normal human remains”

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