Dozens of politicians aligned to NATO contact the Jamahariya Government and apologize

Many politicians who aligned themselves with NATO in mistake have now contacted the Jamahariya Government and apologized, seeking to join the resistance with their followers according to new reports. Contacts close to the Jamahariya Government said that these revelations will fully come to light within a week or so, when the resistance and thousands of volunteers march to Tripoli in operation “Cleansing Libya”.

Some Libyan figures made a mistake joining NATO, but the Libyan Jamahariya fully acknowledge that mistakes are the only routes to Wisdom and sources suggest that they have been forgiven.

Text: Ozyism

Video: Libyansons


80-90% of Libya under the (Gaddafi) Government control

The media has consistantly propagated that the Libyan government only holds couple of towns, this is rubbish, the Libyan government control the vast majority of Libya, NATO is mostly in control of the shores because that’s where the Mercenaries come from.

This map shows a clear picture depicts the control of Libya, and also shows where the fighting continues to rage as Libyans rise and take back control of their own towns, in Western and Easter Tripoli, inside Tripoli..


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