NATO naval base in Tripoli destroyed

BREAKING NEWS 24.9.2011 on 25.9.2011

Tripoli. NATO-mercenaries naval base in Tripoli was destroyed today when Libyan mujaheeds have placed 7 c16 bombs earlier today.
Hard figh today the tribes Tarhouna were entered in Tripoli and killed many NATO-mercenaries.
Sebha. Last night 64 rats were killed 200 wounded and 7 captured.
Arab socialistic party BAAS with chief commander Izat Ibrahim Al-Duri join Libyan army and Libyan people in National Liberation War against NATO-mercenaries occupation.
On Tripoli harbour have exploded big military supply ship full of weapons and ammunition from France. The big fire raged all harbour
In Town hard fight. Libyan mujaheeds and Libyan volunteers massive attack NATO-mercenaries in many areas.
In Sirte NATO bombing everything possible, homes, hospitals, schools, especially in the west area of town.
Info on 25.9.2011. Sirte is controlling Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds. Last attack of NATO-mercenaries fail.

Lizzie Phelan Friends in Libya are informing that the International Red Cross are discriminating against Libyans who do not display open support for the rebels and are not helping people looking for their dead loved ones.

Please call them to complain +41 22 730 20 11 5 hours – Lizzie Phelan That number is for Steven Anderson. There are more numbers here: Soaade Messoudi, ICRC Tripoli, tel. +218 913 066 198 Dibeh Fakhr, ICRC Benghazi, tel. +870 772 390 124 (ext. 250) or +218 9 923 304 560 Steven Anderson, ICRC Geneva, tel. +41 79 536 92 50 or +41 22 730 20 11 Nicole Engelbrecht, ICRC Geneva, tel. +41 79 217 32 17



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