DATESMussa Ibrahim (Arabic with English report) on Raai TV, 23/09/11 + WAR NEWS UPDATES

Dr. Mussa Ibrahim – 23/9/2011 – part 1

Dr. Mussa Ibrahim – 23/9/2011 – part 2

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim spoke with Reuters yesterday, he slammed the brutal mass murder of NATO over night. At least 151 innocent women and children were killed in Sirte, this is what they call saving civilian lives. The media has gone predominantly silent, for what ever reason, one thing is for sure, the media is fully complicit with these crimes against humanity, alongside UN and other world bodies.

Dr. Ibrahim also spoke about the irony of Monarch flag being raised in the UN compound, he said that Palestinians have been asking for a UN seat for 60 years, and still waiting, but a bunch of thugs who control not even 20% of the country, helped with foreign aggressors are given a seat. All UN credibility is mute.

Confirmation comes regarding NATO Mercenaries who were trapped, gained heavy casualties in Sabha and fled. At least 45 killed and hundreds captured, the green flag still flying over Sabha according to new reports.

22/sept/11 Source from within Libya state that many NATO mercenaries have been captured by the Tarhuna Tribe, and the Tribe promised to continue fighting until every inch of the town is liberated, and all remnants of Mercenaries are kicked out.

Previously scenes of celebrations were reported in Tarhuna as thousands sang and cheered at the cover of the night, joyful faces emerged, waving green flag and chanting pro-Jamahariya slogans.

Rape was just one of many brutal tools used by NATO mercenaries to silence Libyans, and force them in to submission. Many brutal cases emerged, but no organization condemned such atrocities, nor promised to hold NATO responsible for the atrocities.

Cases after cases of brutal and merciless rapes in the hands of NATO mercenaries came forward, but the media completely silent.

Instead the media with International organizations fabricated stories about the Libyan Government using rape as a weapon of war, which was quickly sent to rubbish as a fabricated lie.

The media has finally decided to show a glimpse of NATO terrorism in Libya, this video shows some of the victims of NATO mercenaries, rape was definitely one of the tools of oppression used by NATO.


Libyan control map – i55.tinypic.c o m/28qx9mt.jpg


Sabha: Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds are controlling town, airport Gardabia and military base sounth of Sirte.
There was a Nato-mercenaries trap. The result 45 Nato-mercenaries killed, couple of hundred captured Nato-mercenaries.
The Touareg moujaheeds from Libya, Mali and Niger coming to help Libyan people in Sabha. There are couple of thousands Touaregs fully armed.
Al Dzufra: hard fight between Libyan army and Nato-mercenaries. The result: more than ten killed Nato-mercenaries  and couple of tens wounded.


Sirte: NATO were killed today 151 civilians mosty childrens and womans.
The Sirte hospital is without medical supplies.
68,000 Libyans were killed by NATO-ZIONISTS.
More than 20,000 Libtyan’s childrens and babies were massacred and WORL is still quiet.
Some 20 hours ago the Nato-mercenaries entered an area, a trap.
Nato-mercenaries suffered heavy losses and where driven back 100 km away from sebha center.
News confirmed 100 %.
Sirte: Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds are controlling town, airport Gardabia and military base sounth of Sirte. Nato-mercenaries are run out 10-15 km on south.
Hard fight in town As Sultana east of Sirte.
Bani Walid has been cleared of Nato-mercenaries in radius of 100 km.
Tripoli: Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds are controling eastern area of town Al Dzaval and Al Ahdar. Green flags in this area.

Hard fight Libyan moujaheeds against Nato-mercenaries in Tripoli area Salahdin Road.
Tarhuna hunting on remain Nato-mercenaries.
Sabha: military base Taminhint and airport 50 kilometer from town is controlling by Libyan army and Libyan moujaheeds. Many Nato-mercenaries killed and captured.
Misruta: Libyan army forces have hard attack on Nato-mercenaries.
In Bengazi hard fight between Libyan moujaheeds and Nato-mercenaries.


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