VIDEO: Nato Bombing Civilians, Sirte without water & elec. for many wks

Ras Lanuf has been liberated since 15/sept/11 according to new reports. At the 15th, NATO militias received a devastating defeat and were forced to flee the outskirts of Sirte and wait for NATO to once again continues intensify terror operations killing more than 300 civilians in the town.

Other reports suggests that the Libyan Army has entered Misratah, a town which has detached itself from NTC.


The lowest figure of civilians who were abducted in Tripoli is estimated to be 50,000. The highest number is estimated to be 120,000. Now new reports reveal that those 50 to 120 thousands Libyan hostages have been forced to give blood, because too many NATO militias and Mercenaries have been injured every time they pose to the camera.

As time passes by, more in the International community realize that this war had nothing to do with “saving civilian lives”, or “caring whether civilians live or die”. NATO has shown continuously its murderous behaviour, its terrorist characteristics and its ability to destroy a prosperous nation back to the stone ages.


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