Libya’s sieged cities. Marinella Correggia: see how to bomb of questions the Nato press office!

Libya’s sieged cities: see how to bomb of questions the Nato press office!

Marinella Correggia – September 12, 2011 – LibyanFreePress

If you watch sometimes the Nato press briefings you will see that the international press only asks for stupid/easy/nondisturbing questions.

BUT Nato must know that when/if they bomb the sieged cities, some media of the world know that they are not doing it to protect civilians, but they are helping (illegally) the Abdel Jalil forces.

I already did an interview to the Nato command where they answered non-sense (see included but it is in Italia).

Please send (as independent journalists) the following questions (please edit my English if you  use them!) to Nato’s press office in Brussels


I think f a lot of press, websites and so, do a question bombing , it can disturb them a (little) bit.  Send the questions to the mainstream press.

Marinella Correggia



1) why this time Nato is bombing Bani Walid and other sieged cities? (They are sieged by the Abdel Jalil forces; therefore  Nato should try to protect the civilians inside from the aggression of Abdel Jalil forces: INDEED, when civilians where inside Misrata and the city was sieged by Libyan army, Nato bombed heavily that army).

2) Is it not that Nato regularly helps Cnt? All the time, the advances of Cnt were made possible by Nato. The so-called “rebels” admitted that without Nato they could have achieved nothing. Regime change so?

3) Is Nato bombing Sebha and Sirte too? Why? What about civilians?

4) Why Nato is not concerned about the lack of basic things inside the sieged cities?  Civilians are suffering and trapped insiede; Cnt armed people admitted (to Reuters) that civilians insiede Sebha dont have money and fuel to escape.

5) why Nato is not concerned about protecting civilians from the Cnt as in Tripoli and elsewhere a lot of African migrants, and Black libyan are killed and harassed…

6) why the Cnt Buhajar (in charge of the man-hunt…) said that Nato bombed Birak because Qafadi was there? it means that Nato participates to the man-hunt and rtegime change

7) Nato countries sent their men on the field to help Cnt. Do you coordinate with them? And what about the 1973 resolution?

8) are you aware that many lawyers are starting filing nato for war crimes and for 1973 violation? (when nato bombs Libyan army without a direct threat to civilians, this is illegal, it is a regime change).

Marinella Correggia – September 12, 2011
contributor of “il manifesto”, “altreconomia”, various websites, LibyanFreePress


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