‘West too eager for Libyan oil’

Michel Chossudovsky: The Libyan Oil Company handed over to Total, which is the French Oil company

While Libyan revolutionaries have not yet won the war in the oil-rich country, Western powers are already discussing the post-Gaddafi period on such issues as how the interim government there needs to honor its oil contracts.

In case of internal fighting in Libyan crisis, will the US and its coalition NATO allies deploy boots on the ground to protect their oil interests?

In a Press TV interview, Michel Chossudovsky, Director of Center for Research on Globalization, shed more light into the development. The following is a rush transcription of the interview:

Press TV: Western powers have said the int. community will support the political transition to a free and democratic Libya: In what form will this “support” come? A “Western” democracy imposed on Libyans? What is that gonna means for the Libyans? They used the same language when they attacked Afghanistan 10 years ago and Iraq 8 years ago. The US still insists it soldiers should have immunity in these countries. How will it be in Libya?

Chossudovsky: Well I think we have to understand both the nature of this military operation, the covert intelligence behind the rebels, as well as the extensive bombings of civilians infrastructures, residential areas, as well as civilian areas, universities, hospitals which is taken place in the course of the last few months.

And particularly virtually continuous bombings, at night of Tripoli in the course of last few days. We are talking about 20,000 sorties, 8,000 strike sorties, another words what is happened in the course of these last months, particularly in a last few weeks, is the destruction of the entire country, infrastructures, institutions, very targeted, a lots of civilian casualties.

Another words, the western pro democracy, NATO supported rebels, as well as NATO supported heads of states, and heads of governments, they have blood on their hands, they have a lots of bloods on their hands, because they have killed a lot of women and children.

Our correspondent has been reporting form Rixos Hotel, just a few hours ago, he and several other Journalists, were extracted from the hotel, they were liberated from the Hotel, which they were held for several days, and they are safe now.

But I can tell you, my understanding is, first of all this is not a revolution, these are NATO trained gunman, and they are Al Qaeda related par-militaries, mercenaries.

They have very little support within civil society in Libya. Whether we like Gaddafi [fugitive Ruler] regime or not, I do not think that is the issue, but in fact large majority of population, are against the rebellions, and the only thing that sustained the rebellions, were the NATO bombings. And these are criminal bombings; let’s state them as they are.

They are against international law, actions that are criminal in terms of its consequences and the killings, children killings, killing houses of peoples, and this has been well documented.

And what is more criminal in this process, is the fact that… this is presented to the media as a humanitarian operation, reality is turned upside down, we are told, that war is peace, and the lie becomes a truth, essentially that is what happened.

Press TV: But the way this operation is going on Professor, many Western countries including France, they talked about the success of this operation and its knock off effect in the region, doesn’t that pose the threat of abuse of what is called RTP, the Right to Protect under humanitarian motives for their own gains, and in terms of RTP of other countries, such as Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia? If that is the way to go about it why don’t they mention those countries? Why mentions only Syria, as French President Sarkozy said in his meeting with NTC?

Chossudovsky: Well you know, I have been studying dictatorship for more than 30 years, I’ve lived in Latin America.

The US has never been concerned with dictators, in fact they installed dictators, as long as the dictators, follow their orders, and establish a proxy states and serve the US interests.

That was the situation with Pinochet regime, and that was the case in Argentina and Brazil, and in Central America.

Now we must understand the nature of this military operation the rebellion does not exist without NATO. Militarily and politically, it does not exist without NATO.

We must understand that NATO Special Forces are already operating within rebellion, off course covertly, on the ground. They are experienced armed forces; they are mercenaries and paramilitaries, and gunman.

But the moment NATO withdraws, the rebellion would not last very long. I think any military analyst would confirm that.

But now the more fundamental question which is being raised, and it has been raised in the US, and it is already on the drawing board of Pentagon and NATO is… are they going to be boots on the ground?

The boots on the ground is already there, the question is whether it is going to be official? The Apache helicopters are there, Special Forces are there, but we have massive deployment of Naval Maries in the Mediterranean, particularly the USS George Bush Sr., it’s the latest aircraft carrier, which is sort of high tech, and it just been released, has position itself in the Mediterranean.

And it is there in case of ground war, then we would see allied forces landing on the beaches in Libya. If you look at the scenarios I don’t think that the rebellions would last very long on its own.

It does not have a military capabilities; it does not even have the institutional capabilities to create a real government.

So what is going to happen is… NATO Special Forces are going to remain, others are gonna come in, perhaps not officially, boots on the ground, and eventually they are going to establish, as they did in Iraq in 2003, they are going to establish some kind of proxy Libyan government, with people whom they can trust, they might contemplate, modeling Libya, as a sheikhdom, as in Saudi Arabia, or the [Persian] Gulf states.

In any events neo-colonial, re-conquest of not only of Libya, but whole continent of Africa, the militarization of African Continent with AFRICOM [United States African Command] off course on the agenda…

Press TV: Go ahead Professor.

Chossudovsky: I was asked that question you know, they said… this was in regards to Iraq… they said Professor I was in public lecture, they said Professor we need that oil. Okay that is the Western positions, “We need that oil.”

My answer to them is trade, don’t steal it. That is what the Western oil companies are there for, they have already position themselves.

The Libyan Oil Company which was a very important state entity, which was there to serve the Libyan people for finance and developments, that is going to be taken over and privatize, handed it over to Total, which is the French Oil company.

That is what I said, if you need oil, well, you should buy it on the market. And accept the fact that the large share of oil resource are in Muslim land, it is more that 60 percent, that is belong to the Muslim people.

They can buy it from them; they do not need to invade countries and then steal the oil from them. And that is what is happening, it happened in Iraq, and now it is happening in Libya.



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