Al-Qaeda pirates to grip Mediterranean if rebels take over

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The UN has called for restraint in Libya amid reports of abuses and alleged summary killings by both rebels and Gaddafi loyalists.
The Security Council has also agreed to release 1.5 billion-dollars in Libyan assets to help deal with humanitarian needs.
The opposition continues to claim that Tripoli is largely under its control, while the National Transitional Council says it’s moved from its stronghold of Benghazi to the capital.
There are reports of heavy resistance by Gaddafi forces, with the Colonel’s whereabouts still unknown.
Meanwhile, Gaddafi has aired another radio message, claiming he’s fighting on the frontline. NATO has denied previous reports that it’s assisting the rebels in the hunt to find him.

From author and investigative journalist Webster Tarpley – Washington.


Is USA imposing Shariah law in Lybia?

As the hunt is underway for Gaddafi’s head, there is a dim idea on what the country he led will look like once control is officially turned over.

The National Transitional Council has created a constitutional draft, but according to an online leak of the draft, the new Libya sounds like an oxymoron.

To others it looks like yet another “US-introduced Iraq democracy” style.

Ian Buruma, professor of Democracy, Human Rights and Journalism at Bard College, shares his views with RT’s Lauren Lyster.

Reloaded by LibyanFreePress on Aug 27,2011


CIA behind the protests in Libya?


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