Where is Lizzie Phelan???

Hanno chiuso il sito della giornalista Lizzie Phelan.

Queste le sue ultime dichiarazioni on line.

The latest report from Lizzie Phelan was from Tripoli the August 22, 2011. Her web account is still closed.
Her latest words:
“I have heard reports that people have come out into Green Square and other parts of the city waving the green flag, and that the Libyan army is in control. Now what we’ve heard is that the strategy of the Libyan government and army was to permit the rebels into the city, because previously they have been operating in sleeper cells, and therefore it was very difficult for the Libyan army to know who they were or where they were hiding, so this strategy was part of bringing them out the woodwork to lead to a direct confrontation, so that they could be dealt with quite swiftly. And also we have heard that large tribes of Washafana, Warfalla and Tahuna, and other tribes, came from their areas to Tripoli to join the battle.

We have also heard that Gaddafi was in Green Square with the people there. So this is the information that I am hearing from our contacts across Tripoli. And of course this is a huge turnaround of events, and if they are confirmed in the coming hours, then it would be very interesting to see what this means for NATO and its forces on the ground, i.e. the rebels”.


Lizzy Phelan’s site still closed

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