Qadhafi’s Angels

Qadhafi’s Angels: Four Pillars of the Libyan Leader’s Impenetrable Defense

17 June 2011 –  Mathaba

Some of the secrets of the Libyan leaders invincibility are his visible and invisible Army of Angels

Many are those wondering why Libya is not firing back at NATO, other than the occasional pot shot at helicopters, and waging a defensive fight on the ground against the “stray rats”, and why Muammar Qaddafi is not calling for retaliation and striking at the hearts of European capitals in response.

NATO themselves are wondering why they are still fighting after more than 90 days and having to plan for another 180, in an operation they thought would take only two.

Some of the answers lie in the universal defense forces of Muammar Qaddafi, which rest on 4 firm pillars: Warriors, Builders, Angels and Callers.


Not one nation has come to the defence of Libya via any traditional method, neither by supplying military weapons, nor military soldiers. That is not to say there is any shortage of soldiers wishing to join the battle against NATO, but because Qaddafi does not need to give orders. Soldiers around the world are on stand by.

The Truth Warriors, know that “the pen is mightier than the sword”, and also that Truth is a most powerful weapon, which easily defeats falsehood.

For this reason, while NATO is using all manner of conventional and lethal physical weaponry, the defensive battle is being fought on the Internet, via Mathaba media.

As the world’s only jamahiri (masses) news network, Mathaba implements a novel form of news production and distribution, that scales on the basis of volunteers around the world, who embrace the concept of a people’s media.

The Mathaba News Agency is the No. 1 independent news agency out of 84 million independent news agencies according to Google, and is the tool of choice for Qadhafi’s Warriors.


Muammar Qadhafi’s own name “Mu’ammar” is Arabic for “One who builds up” — a Builder. He built the world’s first Jamahiriya, he built a foundation for worldwide peace, democracy and development, the (R)evolutionary Committees Movement, he built the African Union, he built the Great Man Made River, and more besides.

The Builders around the world are defending Muammar and making sure that his words, movement, and works take hold, with the spread of direct participatory democracy everywhere via the foundation of People’s Conferences.

In September this year, 8 World People’s Conferences on Crimes Against Humanity are slated to last for the entire month of September, one in each region of the world.

These Conferences will ensure that all those who have aided, abetted, perpetrated, encouraged, condoned, facilitated or allowed crimes of war, health, energy, drugs, media, environment, and other fields of life, to the detriment of mankind and future generations, will be held accountable.

The tool of choice for the Builders is with the powerful weapon of the Green Charter of Human Responsibilities.


With the second pillar built on the solid foundation of the first, Truth, the 3rd pillar – Qaddafi’s Angels – are those who defend the first two pillars by way of prayer, visualisation, positive thought, or by donating of their wealth to sustain, defend and support the Great Work of the Warriors and Builders and their Leadership.

The Angels do this by supporting, subscribing to or making financial contributions to ease the path of the Warriors and Builders during the transition from the collapse of exploitative societies to the building of the Universal Jamahiriya prophesied by The Green Book which heralds the Era of the Masses.

The Angels communicate sometimes by way of Mathaba Social Media networks and other times by thought or vision.

They are spontaneously gathering strength as a selfless and altruistic effort of those with good and pure hearts who feel called upon to rally around the Truth and it’s Servant, Muammar Qadhafi, Leader of the world (r)evolution, who resides in the hearts of millions.

Not one African village does not know of, speak of, and pray for, Africa’s King of Kings.

NATO is facing a resounding defeat brought about by the sacrifices, thoughts, prayers, and protection offered to the Leader of the Builders and Warriors, Muammar Al-Qadhafi.


The callers are those who spread the word so that every one shall have a chance to hear it and participate in defending it. They post simple links and messages such as around the internet, or from person to person, so that all have the downloadable collection of the Works of the Warriors and Builders, who are Sustained and Protected by the Angels.

In conclusion, every supporter of Muammar Qadhafi around the world, belongs to at least one of the Pillars of his invincible Universal Army and conducts their work accordingly, whether news editing, activism building, sustaining, or calling and promoting the words and works of the revolutionary leader. #

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